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Shanghai Qinge building co., ltd.is a professional manufacturer of wooden & bamboo artificial panels and other building materials, especially in 3 ply shuttering panel, film faced plywood, commercial plywood, LVL, block board, H20 beam, bamboo decking, Marine plywood and other wooden panels. Meanwhlie, we supply fastener , wooden connector, artificial grass, gloves, polycarbonate tiles and other building materias.


In past 15 years, we started from one mill 2 production lines to 3 mills and 15 production lines, now the annual capacity is over 120000 cubic meters all kinds of wooden panels.


Our main markets are west europe, north america, middle east area and south ease and south asian countries. And we abide to all regulation and rules issued by FSC, CARB, ISO, CE and other organization and system.


Chossing us will be your best.

Introduction of Founder

Integrity in the world, quality casting brilliant!


As a 30-year-old wood-based panel professional, from the very beginning of the company's establishment, we have been operating in good faith, carefully maintaining the concept of friendship and cooperation projects with each partner. In the past 20 years, Shanghai Gege Building has gone through a lot of storms and hardships, and has had regrets and sorrows, but more is harvesting and satisfying.


As a company specializing in the production and operation of architectural and commercial wood-based panels and other building materials, we focus on quality casting. Through long-term exploration and practice, we have built a strong professional team of design and production, quality inspection and quality control. Quality control system.


Feel free to come to China to purchase building materials, come to Shanghai to purchase all kinds of wood-based panels, here are me!

Family team, professional management, focus on

quality and service, build a century-old enterprise.

Company Pictures

Date of Set-up
Date of Set-up
In 2000, Shanghai Qinge Trade Co., Ltd was founded.
In 2004, preparation for establishing factories was made.
In April 2006, the first factory, Dangshan County Piano plywood Co., Ltd.
(renamed as Dangshan County Qinyun Wood Industry Co., Ltd. in 2009), was established.
In 2008, the second factory was established.
In 2008, Shanghai Qinge Building Material Co., Ltd was founded.
In 2016, Shanghai Mudao Trade Co., Ltd was founded.
In 2018, the third factory, Dangshan County Fushun Wood Industry Co., Ltd., was established.
Now there are 15 production lines in total, with a monthly output of 10,000 cubic meters.
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In 2006, company website was established: http://www.singerwood.com/.
In 2006, Company entered Alibaba TrustPass membership.
In 2016, Company entered Alibaba.com International membership.
In 2015, Company started to cooperate with several third party service companies as ZHEJIANG FOBCENTURY;
In June 2017, Company started to do Google SEO.
In March 2018, completed Alibaba gold assessed supplier identify.
In JAN. 2019, started to do FACEBOOK homepage promotion via Singoo;
In March 2019, .started to do GOOGLE, LINKEDIN, TWITTER, instgram, youtube promotion.
In MAY 2019, started to build second Alibaba platform.
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Company honor
Company honor
In 2008, the company won the award for electric equipment transformation.
In 2009, the company's glue internal circulation system was rewarded by the Environmental Protection Agency.
In 2011, energy conservation and comprehensive utilization of resources in the production system of the company were rewarded by the Environmental Protection Agency.
In 2008-2017, company won the titles of County Top Ten Enterprises for the tenth consecutive year.
In 2010-2018, company won the title of City Advanced Enterprise for the ninth consecutive year.
In 2007, company won the title of County Leading Enterprise for the 11th consecutive year.
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New Product Development
New Product Development
Year 2007, anti-slip film faced plywood;
Year 2012, polyester overlaid veneer panel and lumber core panel;
Year 2012, MDO & HDO;
Year 2016, 3 ply yellow shuttering panel;
Year 2018, customize design door skin;
Year 2018, circle oldship wall panel
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Enterprise Certification
Enterprise Certification
In 2006, ISO9001 passed;
In 2008, the EIA passed and the environmental certification obtained;
In 2008, CE certification passed;
In 2014, FSC certification passed;
In 2015, CARB certification passed.
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2007-2008, Pizhou artificial panel exhibition;
2008-2009, Linyi international wooden panel exhibition;
2007/2009/2010/2012, Guangdong Guangzhou International Wood-based Panel Industry Exhibition;
2010, Canton Fair, known as China Import and Export Fair;
2002/2008, Cologne International Timber Exhibition;
2002/2005/2007, Las Vegas International Timber Fair;
2009, Riyadh International Timber Fair;
2011/2013, Dubai International Timber Fair;
2016, Polish International Timber Fair;
March 2019, Malaysia Furniture Fair;
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Shanghai Qinge Trade Co., Ltd:
Trademark Details: SINGER
Trademark registration number: 5260115
Category: 19

Dangshan County Qinyun Wood Industry Co., Ltd:
Trademark Details: PIANO
Trademark registration number: 15451505
Category: 19

Shanghai Qinge Building Material Co., Ltd:
Trademark Details: LEONKING
Trademark registration number:
Category: 19
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Employee Honor
Employee Honor
The representative of the Fourth People's Congress of Suzhou Municipal;
Advanced individual in Daishan County;
The representative of the 14th People`s Congress of Dangshan County;
The representative of the 9th CPPCC Conference of Daishan County;
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Cooperation Projects
Cooperation Projects
2009-2010, cooperated with China Construction Fourth Bureau in Guiyang Flower Orchard, Future Ark Project.
2011 Kunming Yinhai Shangyu and Qingshui lake office building Project;
2012 Shenzhen Junlin HAIYU apartment Project;
2013 Hefei Landing office building Project;
2015 huizhou spring lake villa project;
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