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your guide to tile flooring brands

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2020-03-23
Like most purchases, it\'s better to invest in tile QinGe bamboo flooring from companies you can trust.
Whether you value style, comfort or durability, browsing by brand can help you narrow your search to the best producers of ceramic, ceramic and glass bricks.
Let\'s take a look at several of the most popular tile flooring brands: Eco CeramicaThis authentic Italian tile flooring producer offers a range of products that are ideal for residential and commercial use.
The decorators love the luxurious granite tiles of the Roman amphitheater eco-series, crafted in deep and complex tones, such as the smoky gray Argentum tiles or the faint red Fuscus group.
The series is suitable for uniform color schemes as well as mixing and matching;
Either way, thick tiles add personality to any room.
Whether you\'re looking for tile QinGe bamboo flooring for a stylish Mediterranean restaurant or simply redecorating your foyer, the Colosseum eco-collection is an excellent asset.
Eco-ceramic continues its old trend
Rustic authenticity of the Ivertrai series made of glazed tiles.
These tiles have a glossy gloss, uneven edges and a more robust and natural appearance.
The decorators also like this texture, which is unique for each tile and adds size to the entire floor.
Choose a neutral Bianco or Alabastro beige tile, or a Buddha finish in a vibrant mix of Zaffiro blue Smeraldo colors.
DaltileA is the leader in sparkling glass tile flooring, Daltile goes beyond himself in the Sonterra series, which has over 30 color options.
Black Rainbow colored glass tiles are very popular as they reflect a range of colors, including blue, yellow, pink and purple, when exposed to light.
The Rosa Opalized tiles offer a unique texture and soothing salmon color in a different look.
Sonterra glass tiles are more refined than ceramic and granite, so they are only suitable for tile floors in the bathroom.
However, these tiles can also be used for wall tiles, as well as smaller components such as kitchen tailgates and bar surfaces.
Alternatively, both family and business owners love Daltile\'s Onyx Agate Collection made of beautiful polished tiles
You guessed it right. onyx.
These floor tiles provide an elegant and charming marble effect.
Like a desert sunset, multi-brown tiles have deep orange color enhanced by the red, beige and brown sections.
For comfortable tile QinGe bamboo flooring options that make any room feel bigger, the honey group is ideal, featuring a warm blend of gold and yellow with soothing corrugated textures.
Of course, it is impossible to discuss soothing textures without mentioning the drilling series of La Faenza, even if its tiles are too delicate for floor use.
The drill series is divided into two parts: some tiles have a brush texture \"stripe\" in a horizontal direction, while others are decorated in one way of the brandof-a-
Cerchi decorative pattern, a vintage blend of overlapping rings.
Regardless of your preference, browsing tile floors and walls by brand will help you explore your options without being overwhelmed.
Remember these names and you will be good on the way!
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