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you can now buy 24 carat gold bed sheets so screw you, cotton

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2020-04-12
If you think it\'s extra that you splash 400 Egyptian cotton sheets at John Lewis\'s auction last year, think about it.
There\'s nothing on these 24 k gold woven sheets.
Yes, you have heard of sheets made of real gold.
You can sleep in a hotel in Milan, Italy.
They were designed by Federico boucherati, and the tailor Piana Clerico 1582 realized the dream.
The sheets are woven from 40% of 24 k gold and silk, and you can wrap yourself in the super chic seven-star otagano presidential suite.
Located on the third floor of the hotel, the suite features \"stunning panoramic views\" of vitvittorio Emanuele II, one of the world\'s oldest shopping malls \".
You will even have your own security guard to protect you (
No doubt, and sheets)safe.
If you want to stay in the suite tonight, it is currently available and costs € 492. 70 (£4,809).
Yes, every night.
A bit like a tourist hotel.
You can also purchase a gold watch from the hotel for 200,000 euros (£175,128)
This is obviously an absolute deal.
The set includes a piece of bottom paper, four pillowcases and a duvet, how annoying it is when the double set has only two pillowcases, with the aPiana Clerico 1582 certificate of authenticity.
Now my grandma brought me up and took what I could get from the hotel (
Thank you for all the small sugar bags, Aiya)
So my first thought was-people don\'t steal them, but I guess the person who spends 4,000 on the hotel room is not the kind of person who likes bedding.
In addition, there are security guards to pass. Ah well.
I will stick to the best of Ikea.
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