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You ask me answer: What are jersey gloves?

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2021-03-16
What are jersey gloves? What is the difference between jersey gloves and other gloves? How should we correctly choose the gloves we need? Let's start with Baicheng's raw material-jersey. The main types of jersey are: jersey, rayon jersey, stretch jersey, short fiber jersey, blended jersey fabric, etc. The biggest feature is that it has good moisture absorption and air permeability, as well as a smooth surface, clear texture, fine texture, and smooth hand feeling. Single jersey gloves are a kind of cotton labor gloves, because they are made of sweat cloth, they are usually called single jersey cotton gloves. The jersey gloves have a smooth surface, clear texture, fine texture, smooth hand feeling, vertical and horizontal. It has better extensibility, and the horizontal extensibility is greater than the vertical extensibility. With good moisture absorption and air permeability, it is especially favored by operators and quality control personnel in electronics, plastics, machinery hardware, furniture factories, electronics, electronic assembly, general assembly, handling, gardening, electroplating, plastics, etc., and many other industries. Production: Single jersey gloves should be made from a whole roll of grey fabric through a series of processes such as bleaching, dyeing, cutting, sewing, turning, grading, packaging, etc.; through bleaching, cutting, sewing, turning, grading, and packaging It is made by a series of processes.
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