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Work gloves are the most widely used one

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2021-03-17
are tools used to protect hands from being hurt in people's daily life. can also be called cotton gloves, and veil gloves are a kind of thread gloves. As the name suggests, yarn gloves are the material we know as 'cotton yarn'. Cotton yarn is usually a thread spun from cotton called 'cotton yarn'. Cotton yarn is an indispensable thing for us humans to make cloth and wear on the human body. On this basis, people can spin this cotton yarn into 'gloves' and wear them as labor protection products. In the online glove wholesale market, cotton yarn gloves are the most widely used one. So what kind of cotton yarn can we use on gloves? At present, 98% of labor gloves are gloves made of 'recycled cotton yarnRecycled cotton yarn is usually a kind of 'cotton yarn' spun out of clothing and textile scraps. This cotton yarn is cheap, so it occupies 98% of the cotton yarn glove market. The current price of recycled cotton yarn is 3800-16,000 yuan, so I hope to need cotton yarn gloves. Choose the quality of gloves according to your own job requirements, don't just look at (listen to) the price. Recycled cotton yarn generally has a yarn count of 3.5-16, and it is usually about 5.5 yarn counts when used in cotton gloves. Attention! Recycled cotton yarn is generally 'polyester cotton yarn'. 'There is no such thing as 'pure cotton yarn'. If you want to use pure cotton yarn gloves, you must choose the material 'raw cotton yarn' that contains cotton. The color is generally original white. Recycled cotton yarn has 2 colors, 1 is Natural white, 2 is bleaching white. Gloves made of raw cotton yarn and polyester-cotton yarn are white. As for the color of the glove, you can judge the yarn material of the glove according to the color. This is mainly derived from the characteristics of the work glove itself. It is these characteristics that make it an indispensable product in people’s lives. The weight of the labor protection cotton gloves is light, and a pair of weight is less than 18g. It is very convenient to use, beautiful, wear-resistant, breathable and can be worn at any time, which determines its use. It is simple and convenient, can improve efficiency and save economic costs; Finish: artificial cotton cloth, the cloth surface is flat, there are few yarn defects, no impurities, fine and smooth; Beautiful: uniform and neat color, five-finger tight stitching, moderate length, symmetrical proportion, It can be matched with fashion style; Hand feeling: No matter the thickness of the rayon fabric, the soft plush cotton surface makes the touch feel very soft; Breathable: The cloth material of the labor protection cotton gloves is rayon cloth material, which has good breathability and sweat absorption performance; Abrasion resistance, based on the properties of spandex fabrics, which makes it have quite good abrasion resistance; Strength: the spandex fabric can be stretched at any angle, can be stretched 5-8 times, is not easy to age, and can meet the wearing requirements of different people; environmental protection: including Artificial cotton cloth with a cotton content of 90 is artificially sewn. It is environmentally friendly and non-polluting, does not hurt the skin, and has no skin irritation. It can be repeatedly cleaned and used according to the severity of pollution, reducing the cost of frequent replacement.
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