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wood - types of wooden & plywood ceiling

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2020-03-10
The wooden ceiling panel ceiling of the house built with various materials.
One of the materials used is wood and wood composites.
Wood is widely used as building materials.
Whether it is hardwood, Cork, bamboo wood, or wood composite, it can be used in the ceiling.
After the roof, the ceiling will play an important role.
Without the ceiling, the decoration of the room, hall, house or office is incomplete.
Here, I would like to explain the composite ceiling of wood and its advantages.
Let\'s start with the type of ceiling made of wood and wood composites.
Although all wood composite ceilings are made of wood, it has its own properties.
In addition to painting, each wood composite ceiling has its own properties.
It depends on the availability of wood composites that people use on the ceiling. 1.
Planned timber for ceiling2.
Plywood ceiling3.
Soft board ceiling4.
Hard board ceiling5. wood moulding -
Easy to make ceiling type.
The ceiling beams support the plywood ceiling.
It can be made of plywood 6mm thick. Normally 2. 4mtrx1.
2mtr size plywood for this ceiling.
Two types are also commonly used in this plywood panel.
One is commercial and can be painted.
The other type is decorative and requires clear varnish.
According to the interior design, we will choose the type of plywood.
In order to cover the seams between plywood and wooden molding, the cover tape was used.
When you apply a contrast color to the plywood, it becomes more beautiful.
To cover the corners, you can use the wood mold cornice.
This looks like a decoration.
The choice of ceiling plywood is also important.
The first is the score we have to decide.
Class AB would be better for the ceiling.
\"A\" is externally oriented, while the \"B\" level is internally oriented.
To avoid moisture absorption and dewetting of plywood, it is recommended to apply paint on both sides.
Second, make sure the plywood comes with glue line poison.
This will help us avoid insect attacks on plywood.
Manufacturers always mention that they add glue line poison to plywood.
You can even ask the specifications they use when making.
Because of the density, the ceiling material of the cork board is exquisite.
Thickness is 10 or 12mm.
One side provides paper lamination in different colors.
We also need to draw this picture.
Like plywood, the soft board can also be fixed.
To cover the joints, you can use the cover tape and cornice.
The cork board is named according to the density of the material.
If density is 300-
5 ookg/m3, the board is called a soft board.
Handle the soft board carefully.
Otherwise it\'s broken.
Because of its low density, it is also used as an insulating material.
On the one hand, it has acoustic properties that reduce noise levels.
Avoid using wooden screws when handling soft boards.
Wood ceilings in this plan were common in the past.
They make this ceiling with durable hardwood floors.
This type of ceiling is a bit heavy and gives a feeling of longevity.
The ceilings in some Asian countries are made of teak and rustic wood.
The planned wooden ceiling sizes range from 150x50mm to 100x50mm.
To support and reinforce the ceiling, there are beams and beams.
The ceiling is decorated with beams.
Make sure you buy kiln seasoning wood for the ceiling.
Otherwise, in a short period of time, you may experience the distortion and distortion of the wood, disrupting the structure, and you are forced to spend some more money on this.
Just by lifting and knowing the weight, it is easy to identify Green Wood as kiln seasoned wood.
On top of that, you should know that untreated wood shows roughness after planning compared to planned Wood.
The second thing is treatment.
The treatment of wood is very important for long-term service.
But treatment is different for outdoor use.
So, before choosing the ceiling to use treated wood, you have to consult a timber technical specialist.
Therefore, the price may vary, but it is good to process the wood before use.
Smooth material on one side of the hard ceiling with higher density.
It requires a smooth finish compared to plywood.
This is a wood composite material.
The main available thickness is 3mm and 4mm.
The operation is simple compared to the soft panel.
Hard panels can also be used as noise reduction panels.
This type of wood mold with tongue and groove can be connected together and nailed where needed.
To avoid the gap, we recommend square joints.
Some people prefer V-joints in order to get some illusions.
We don\'t need any kind of cover and cornice here.
In addition to the planned wood molding, this wood molding ceiling is stronger than other types or ceilings.
Nowadays, most people like this kind of ceiling because it is very convenient to decorate and work.
Even natural finishes are possible for this type of ceiling.
The wooden ceiling can be easily built with just nails and hammers.
Apart from the delicate material like a soft Board, the hard board will have a long life span for other things without interference.
The decorative styling covering the corners and joints looks like decoration.
Any type of decoration on the ceiling can be used for functions.
But avoid too many nails that will damage the appearance of the panel.
If it is inevitable that you have to cover up with proper putty, the paint should be appropriate.
Even this type of wooden ceiling will be more beneficial for shops, small offices and partition rooms.
In the past few decades, wood panel manufacturers production has increased because of the use of building material supply.
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