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wood plank look porcelain tile flooring

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2020-03-21
The famous brand Emser, which started its operation in 1968, has greatly improved its design and quality since then.
Emser is undoubtedly one of the most well-known brands for producing high-quality wood, such as wood made of glazed ceramics.
The brand has a strong production housing infrastructure that enables them to provide efficient solutions for merchants and contractors and builders in the field.
The success of muwa is evident in many residential and commercial sites where muwa is a trusted entity that can bring a wonderful look to the home.
The Emser brand is commendable, especially since they are good --
Able to cope with changing interior design trends in the world.
As a symbol of the name itself, the Emser Heritage Series is a true representation of the unique Heritage and outstanding traditions of the classical era.
Trailer for fans;
Tiles that look like wood are an inspiring series of natural QinGe bamboo flooring that can relive the experience of the classic era of wooden tiles.
Not only the tradition, but also the style and comfort these wooden bricks will definitely provide to your home.
For fans who believe in cultural and traditional values, Emser muwa is your ideal product.
There is nothing more than that makes you feel the inspiration of nature.
The ceramic tile material is glazed ceramic.
This material has excellent high quality and excellent texture and excellent design.
The tile has incredible performance, making it durable under most viable normal conditions.
They are long lasting and do not need to be emphasized as this is the trademark of the brand.
The tile is waterproof and pest resistant, which makes it a complete article.
Emser muwa provides an exciting variety for users.
With the colors of cherries, walnuts, Golden Oak and Ma Hongtai truly ambitious, customers have a range of attractive colors on their hands.
The brand\'s unique and special wood collection, such as tiles, gives life to your floor.
The available size of the tile is 6 \"x 24 \".
With 18 distribution areas, Emser is very effective in delivering products to interested users.
So what are you waiting!
There are Emser wood bricks at your door. Give it a go.
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