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wood flooring or laminate wood flooring - this is the question

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2020-03-21
Wood flooring may be a good addition to your home, but it may not be the first choice for many contractors and construction contractors.
This article will introduce wood flooring and laminate flooring to help you make your decision.
The main aspect to consider when installing hardwood floors is the general tone (
Dark brown, medium brown, light brown, red brown, golden yellow, natural or other colors);
Wood floor type (
Solid, engineering or floating);
Where is the floor to be installed (
Above ground, below ground or below ground);
What will be on the floor (
Concrete floor, plywood floor, oriented strand board, previous vinyl or wood floor)and so on.
Wood flooring has different styles: parquet flooring, a popular floor collection arranged in geometric design;
Wooden hardwood floors, linear and wider boards made of wood;
It\'s a linear floor that\'s not that wide.
Engineering wood flooring is also divided into parquet flooring (
Series of floor parts arranged in geometric patterns);
Hardwood floors (
Linear and wider wood board); and strip (
Linear floor not that wide)styles.
They are also very stylish in patterns such as tiles, realistic stone and hardwood floors.
The composite wood flooring originated in Europe and has become a good replacement for hardwood flooring in North America.
You will see the difference compared to most hard trees.
If you are always eager to have hardwood floors, your company is good.
If you only know that you want hardwood floors to decorate your home, read this quick and dirty guide so that your head doesn\'t spin when you talk to a contractor.
If you want a beautiful home, if you want a home that will stop people when they walk in, then you need to put down the exotic hardwood floors.
The installation follows the manufacturer\'s instructions throughout the installation process, and when installing the wood floor, you can do it yourself.
This means that you can easily do it yourself, so it will save a lot of money on the installation fee.
The installation guide is different for different types of wood flooring: Radiation-
Heated floor, glue-
DingTalk floor-or staple-
Floor, floating floor, etc.
Be sure to ask the flooring manufacturer for specific installation instructions before starting.
You have both advantages and disadvantages of installing hardwood floors yourself.
The installation of wood flooring can be done by the supplier and sometimes by the manufacturer.
If you spend money installing wooden floors --
Here are some issues to consider: How long will it take to install if the contractor has a license and warranty.
Cost of the product-
Installation costs are not included, and costs per square foot range from $4 to $8.
Down jacket, short down jacket, glue down, and free
Floating is some different installation method of wood floor.
If it\'s a plywood submarine
Floor, any installation method can be selected, but if there is concrete sub
The floor, DingTalk or DingTalk method is definitely not recommended.
If you are considering the use of laminate flooring in some or throughout the home and would like to know the difference between laminate flooring and wood flooring, you may get a lot of different opinions.
Laminate can be installed on almost any surface, but Wood cannot be installed on certain surfaces. Water-
Endurance glue is recommended for most laminate flooring brands.
Bamboo engineering-
It\'s like a laminate floor.
The best laminate flooring in the world is available in multiple on-
Local home improvement shops or retailers.
A particularly popular option in North America is laminate flooring.
Like engineering and laminated wood.
In order to make the installation easier and faster, the strip board is cut precisely.
These benefits have prompted many homeowners to use laminate wood flooring when renovating their homes.
Laminate QinGe bamboo flooring costs less than wood flooring, and less installation time compared to hardwood flooring.
Wood floors are great in my opinion, but laminate flooring is becoming one of the fastest
Growing products in the flooring industry.
Today\'s laminate flooring is made of photos of wood, marble, or tiles that are glued to cardboard, made of melamine plastic and coated with alumina.
You may want to have a look at some samples before you start the next wood floor project.
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