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Why plywood is used in custom wardrobes_shanghai chuangji plywood brand manufacturer

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2021-03-08
Wood panel product, also known as solid wood particle board, has stable product performance, convenient processing and significant economic benefits. It is the best embodiment of the value of Wood panel product.

1. Stable performance: Wood panel product is a specification board made of thinning wood from natural forests, small-caliber branches, fast-growing wood and other wood residues as raw materials, such as crushing flakes, drying, mixing glue, and high-temperature hot pressing.

The shavings of the Wood panel product maintain the original fiber of the wood, which makes the wood panel product have a good nail-holding force. The furniture and other products produced by the wood panel product can be disassembled and assembled many times to make the product use time Longer.

The drying process of wood shavings effectively controls the moisture content of wood fibers and avoids the disadvantages of easy deformation and cracking of wood.

The automatic glue mixing system makes the sizing in the board more even, effectively eradicating the erosion of diseases and insect pests. The sizing amount of Wood panel products is lower than that of similar products, so the products produced are more environmentally friendly.

High temperature hot pressing ensures the strength and toughness of Wood panel product; fixed thickness sanding ensures the thickness of the board and the smoothness of the layout.

2. Convenient processing: Wood panel product is a specification sheet with high utilization rate and less waste. It is also the main base material for veneer panels on the market at present. The veneer panels are bright in color and fashionable, with a variety of colors, short processing cycles, and environmental protection. high.

3. Good economic benefits! According to statistics: 1m³Wood panel products can replace 3-5m³ logs, and 1.2 tons of wood raw materials (about 2m³ wood) can produce 1m³Wood panel products; therefore, the utilization rate of Wood panel products can be increased by about 400% compared with solid wood.

Wood panel product is the main base material for veneer panels, and panel furniture is made of veneer panels, with novel styles and affordable prices.

For this reason, the choice of Wood panel product for customized wardrobes is the correct choice made by comprehensive product performance, environmental protection, convenient processing, economical and other advantages.

If you need to customize the wood panel product of the wardrobe, please contact the manufacturer of the Shanghai Chuangji wardrobe Wood panel product: 021-51652230/18917731430.
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