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Why does MDF have sanding and calendering points

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2021-03-08
Wood panel product custom veneers can create a visual effect that imitates solid wood. Solid wood furniture is the mainstay of domestic furniture aesthetics. Some well-known furniture brands at home and abroad have chosen Wood panel product as raw materials, a set of hundreds of thousands imported from Germany. The whole cabinet also uses Wood panel products, so why do these brands like to use Wood panel products for custom veneers to make imitation solid wood furniture? Shanghai Qin Ge summarized the following points:

One, make up for the shortcomings of solid wood

The advantages and disadvantages of solid wood:

1. Time: The wood with a short growth time will have a softer texture, and the wood with a hard texture will take dozens of hundreds of years to become a material;

2. Size: The size of solid wood is limited by the size of the tree itself and cannot be produced according to demand;

3. Texture: The wood itself is uneven. Trees in good years grow fast, and trees grow slowly in bad years. The thickness and texture are different every year;

4. Features: such as cracking and deformation, which are natural defects of solid wood;

Wood panel product has been invented for more than 100 years. The Wood panel product 32mm system was also developed in Europe in the 1950s. This system is still in use now. Wood panel product is a very mature industrialized product with uniform material and uniform size. Batch route.

Advantages and disadvantages of wood panel product:

1. Performance: uniform texture, more stable structure, not easy to deform, crack, fade, overcome the natural defects of solid wood;

2. Appearance size: There are as many as 300 kinds of designs and colors of EGGER board, which can meet different styles of decoration needs, and the size can easily meet the needs of users, while solid wood can only rely on assembling;

3. Price: Wood panel products benefit from large-scale industrial production and are cheaper than solid wood;

4. Environmental protection: This is the issue that everyone is most concerned about.

2. Compared with the big core board

The easiest thing to compare inside the board is the Wood panel product and the big core board. It is generally considered that the big core board has more 'visible' wood, which is relatively close to solid wood.

However, the more the whole piece of wood, the more it means that the wood has more shortcomings-uncontrollable wood moisture content, uneven wood density, and soft fast-growing wood are all its shortcomings.

So many people would doubt that Wood panel products and particle board glues are too much, but large core boards have less glue. How can Wood panel products be better than large core boards? The key here is glue, which is cheap but urea-formaldehyde that emits very high formaldehyde The purchase price of resin is two to three thousand one tons; the purchase price of a good imported non-formaldehyde glue is more than ten thousand tons. The latter kind of glue, using one ton, is much cleaner and more environmentally friendly than the previous one with two or three layers. Of course, cheap glue is also used in the Wood panel product, so when it comes to the brand choice of Wood panel product, I think I should choose a big brand like EGGER, and the quality is more guaranteed!

Moreover, the production process requirements of large core boards are much lower than that of Wood panel products. Small workshops can also be produced by hand; but Wood panel products require high temperature and high pressure, which cannot be done in small workshops.

To sum up, because of its affordable price and stable material, the furniture brands of big brands love to use Wood panel product as the base material for custom veneer to make solid wood furniture.

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