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Which plywood manufacturer can do veneer? _Chuangji Plywood Manufacturer(

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2021-03-09
With the rapid economic development, people are increasingly pursuing aesthetics. Wood panel products, which are often used in decoration, are generally made of scraps on the surface due to the material, which is not beautiful at all. Therefore, the veneer for Wood panel products has appeared, and the purpose of the surface decoration of Wood panel products is summarized:

1. Cover part of the defects of Wood panel product, beautify the appearance, and improve the value of use (such as poor appearance quality of the board, dark color and other defects);

2. Protect the surface of Wood panel product. Wood panel product has abrasion resistance, heat resistance, water resistance, weather resistance, chemical resistance and other properties (decorative materials can separate the substrate from the surrounding air and give various Excellent performance);

3. Improve the strength, stiffness and dimensional stability of Wood panel products;

4. Save wood from precious tree species.

The veneer customization has solved the biggest unsightly defect of Wood panel product, and now that the technology is mature, the surface veneer styles are also very rich, such as: oak, silver brushed, deep cloth pattern, etc. Wait. Wood panel product veneer recommends Qin Ge, which is rich in styles and has 20 years of experience in wood-based panel production and customization to solve your worries.

Qin Ge, the pioneer of environmentally friendly board, the company's own factory, uses pure log particles to ensure that the board is flat and not deformed. Welcome to inquire.
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