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Which is better for plywood customization or solid wood particle board as a fireproof board veneer

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2021-03-08
For the common fireproof board veneers currently on the market, most of them use Wood panel product and solid wood particle board as the base material, and are made by veneer processing, but often customers lack knowledge of the two kinds of boards. Shanghai Qin Ge introduces the advantages and disadvantages of the two types of plates:

Wood panel product

It is a board made by processing wood or other non-wood plants into shavings or scraps, applying adhesives and other additives, and hot pressing. It is also called a particle board.

Wood panel product The advantages of custom veneers:

1. Good sound absorption and sound insulation performance

2. Good lateral bearing capacity

3. Wood panel product has flat surface, realistic texture, uniform bulk density, small thickness error, pollution resistance, aging resistance, beautiful appearance, and can be used for various veneer substrates

4. The environmental protection coefficient is relatively high.

Solid wood particle board


1. The solid wood particle board has good nail holding power, can be used for round nails and screws, and its processing performance is significantly better than that of MDF.

2. The density of solid wood particle board is higher, and the wood fiber particles in the board are larger. The content of solid wood particle board in the use of adhesive is generally less than 5%, which is environmentally friendly.

3. The solid wood particle board has small warpage and deformation, good dimensional stability, high strength, good stiffness, and it is not easy to bend when hanging heavy clothes.

Disadvantages: It is more difficult to do arc and shape.

For fireproof panels, the choice of base material is actually determined by the environment and region where the tools are installed. The so-called technical industry has specialization, and Wood panel product customized veneer products cannot be guaranteed to be suitable for all occasions.

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