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What is the raw material of cotton wool gloves

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2021-03-20
In many industries, cotton wool labor gloves can be said to be disposable products. For example, in the construction industry, wear is more serious. Of course, there are also some industries that are used repeatedly, such as gloves used by service personnel. Considering all aspects, it is also to extend its service life. Daily maintenance is still necessary. Cotton wool gloves are easy to shrink after washing, so the temperature of the water should be controlled at 40℃-50℃ warm water and then dried. When it is 90% dry, iron it with an iron to reduce shrinkage. Sweat-stained cotton cloth should not be washed at high temperature, because the protein in the sweat will coagulate and adhere to the fiber to form a macula when heated. White non-sweat cotton wool labor gloves can be used in high temperature water. Paying attention to the small details of cleaning cotton wool labor gloves is also a maintenance method.
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