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What is the difference between jersey gloves and cotton wool gloves? Did you know? Gloves Information-

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2021-03-19
Labor protection products are one of the commonly used products in construction. Its quality can affect many aspects. For example, the quality of our commonly used jersey gloves is also different. Next, let the editor of the jersey glove manufacturer give you details Let me introduce it. There are many kinds of labor gloves, such as leather, cloth, glue, plastic, thread, etc. Of course, in life, there are many places where 'jacket gloves' are needed. Work, laundry, keep warm. Therefore, we all need better quality to wear more comfortable'jersey gloves', so how should we distinguish? Today, let us jersey gloves manufacturers to talk to you about how to distinguish cotton gloves and 'jacket gloves' How to distinguish cotton gloves and jersey gloves? The difference between cotton gloves and jersey gloves mainly depends on the structure and purpose. The surface of cotton gloves is smooth, not flat enough, yarn uniformity is not even enough, hand feel is slightly coarse, wrinkles are normal, and the strength is poor in humid environment; used for production or for laborers. A jersey glove is a cotton work glove. The jersey glove material is mainly made of jersey. The cloth surface is smooth, the lines are clear, the texture is fine, the hand feel is smooth, and the vertical and horizontal extensions are good. The jersey labor gloves 'the horizontal direction is larger than the vertical extension, and the moisture permeability is better. It is mainly used for electronics, plastics, mechanical hardware, Furniture factories, etc. For problems related to the wholesale of jersey gloves, it is recommended to position your choice according to your needs. I hope it will be helpful to you. Both of these gloves are very useful. It depends on how we choose them. If you want to know For more knowledge about the wholesale of jersey gloves, the editor will answer for you at any time.
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