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what is an air cooled screw chiller & how does it work?

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2020-03-01
The air-cooled screw chiller is a closed refrigeration system for cooling and dehumidifying the surrounding air.According to the basic principles of evaporation and condensation, air-cooled chillers are widely used in both commercial and industrial installations.These air-cooled screw chillers are not only energy-efficient, but also have a variety of designs and models, which provide consumers with the best choice to choose the most suitable air-cooled chillers for their respective professional institutions.
From the most popular hotels, restaurants, corporate offices, manufacturing plants, large construction sites, any type of company or sporting events, these are efficient, compact and user-friendlyFriendly ac cooling cooler is being used.Their needs are high and they are good for any infrastructure.A unit of the air-cooled screw chiller closure system consists of a device called an evaporator.
The evaporator has various tubes that surround and cover the central chamber.These tubes are responsible for surrounding the material cooled by the cooler.This central chamber is then connected to the compressor, which is the most important element in the whole cooling function.
This compressor (screw compressor) is then connected to the condenser and then to the evaporator.This is the basic element and structure of an air-cooled screw chiller.Stationary air-cooled chillers: As the name implies, these air-cooled chillers are used by units where heat is not a problem.
Mainly the hotel industry, manufacturing and other major industries., Use this chiller.Portable air-cooled chillers: These portable air-cooled chillers are as good as stationary chillers, and another benefit is the ease of moving from place to place.How does the air cooler screw cooler operate?Air-cooled screw coolers work mainly by flowing the refrigerant through a bundle of tubes that evaporate.
The process begins with an evaporator containing liquid refrigerant.This refrigerant radiates cold to the surroundings with the help of a pipe filled with water.Then, with the help of the circuit, the water is cooled and pumped.
At the same time, cool the cooler by absorbing the heat of other items.Now, when the water reaches a temperature high enough, it begins to radiate the heat back to the refrigerant in the evaporator, causing the steam.This steam then passes through the compressor with the help of the pipe.
In this case, it is a rotary screw compressor, a gas compressor that works based on a rotating positive displacement mechanism.This is the most modern and secure compression method today.The compressor puts the steam under high pressure and high temperature in a small space.
At this stage, the steam has become a very heated evaporation refrigerant, which is then pumped through the condenser.The condenser is a system of tubes in which steam releases heat into the surrounding air and then becomes liquid.The refrigerant reduces its temperature through an expansion device and completes the cycle.
The liquid returns to the evaporator again to repeat the cooling process.Mainly used for commercial and industrial equipment.They have also become very popular in a variety of professional environments.
Big company houses, they have their own air conditioning equipment.In order to meet the market demand, to meet the needs of various industrial air.The manufacturer of cooling cooler appeared.
All the big names of air conditioning companies like Voltas, LG, carrier and others have taken a step forward and started their own air-cooled chillers and AC cooling coils (also known as heat exchange coils) manufacturing unit.In order to meet the needs of customers and provide them with the services they need, these manufacturers need to update every new invention and its utility in their professional field
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