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What if the faucet leaks?

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2020-02-28
In the family, the problem of faucet is indeed a headache. Leaking water from kitchen faucet will bring great trouble to daily life. What about leaking water from faucet? Let's take a look at the kitchen faucet leak treatment method. First, what should I do if the faucet leaks -? - Reason for dripping water 1. Water leakage at the outlet: it is caused by wear of the Axis gasket in the faucet. Use the pliers to loosen the gland and remove it. Use the clip to remove the axis gasket and replace it with a new axis gasket. 2. Leakage of the gap under the faucet: it is caused by the wear of the triangular gasket in the gland. The screw can be loosened to remove the head, then the gland is loosened, and then the triangular seal shop inside the gland is taken out and replaced with a new one. 3. Water leakage at the joint of the pipe: basically because the cover nut is loose, you can re-tighten the cover nut or replace it with a new U-shaped gasket. Second, what should I do if the faucet leaks -? - Treatment Method 1. Preparation tools: hand pliers, screwdrivers, osmotic lubricating oil, adjustable wrench and pads to be replaced. 2. Close the inlet valve. Remove the small screws on or behind the faucet handle to remove the handle attached to the faucet body. Some screws are hidden under metal buttons, plastic buttons or plastic sheets that snap or screw into the handle. As long as you open the button, you will see the handle screw mounted on the top. If necessary, use something like WD- 40 specification of permeable lubricating oil to loosen the screw. 3. Remove the handle and check the parts of the faucet. Use a large carp tongs or an adjustable wrench to remove the filler nut and be careful not to leave scratches on the metal. Rotate the spool or shaft in the same direction as you rotate when you turn on the faucet to unscrew them off. 4. Remove the screw that holds the washer. If necessary, use permeable lubricating oil to loosen the screws. Check the screws and valve cores, and replace them with new ones if they are damaged. 5. Replace the old gasket with an identical new gasket. The new gasket, which almost exactly matches the old gasket, generally prevents the faucet from dripping. You should also notice whether the old gasket has a bevel or flat surface and replace it with the same new gasket. The gasket designed only for cold water will expand violently when there is hot water flow, thus blocking the water outlet and slowing down the hot water flow. Some washers work in hot and cold water, but make sure that the washers you bought for replacement are exactly the same as the original ones. 6. Fix the new gasket to the valve core, and then reinstall the components in the faucet. Rotate the spool clockwise. After the valve core is in place, reinstall the filling nut. Be careful not to let the wrench leave scratches on the metal. 7. Reinstall the handle and put the button or disc back. Turn on the water supply again and check if there is any water leakage. Third, what should I do if the faucet leaks -? - How to prevent water leakage does not necessarily occur. We should take preventive measures, that is, do a good job in the purchase process. The purchase of faucets is also a very important aspect. Some good quality faucets are not only of good quality, but also of advanced technology. It can be said that they have very good quality and can have a long service life. To prevent the kitchen faucet from leaking, we should also pay attention to the daily use. In fact, for the kitchen faucet, what about the kitchen faucet leaking? It is indeed a bad thing to deal with, so for every family, some precautions can ensure the service life of the faucet at ordinary times, for example, the faucet should not be pulled hard, it is necessary to clean the filter screen of the faucet regularly and clean some faucets regularly, so as to ensure its service life and reduce the probability of failure.
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