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What gloves information should be paid attention to when wearing ceremonial gloves-

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2021-03-20
Etiquette gloves not only keep out the cold, but also an important part of clothing. Due to the changes of the times, the scope of use of ceremonial gloves is now much smaller. Generally, they are only worn when wearing formal dresses. However, whether the wear conforms to the etiquette norms will determine the decorative effect. If you don’t know the etiquette of wearing ceremonial labor gloves, even if the gloves you wear are very beautiful, they cannot play their role in decorating. Therefore, etiquette has to be taken into consideration when wearing etiquette labor gloves. Etiquette for men wearing ceremonial gloves: According to the rules of etiquette, men must take off their gloves when shaking hands. When entering the room, men must take off their gloves. Under normal circumstances, men do not wear gloves indoors, because sometimes they need to serve women. If men wear gloves to serve women, women will think that such men disrespect her. . When not wearing gloves in formal occasions, the correct way to hold ceremonial gloves should be: align the gloves left and right, put the fingers forward, and gently hold the middle part with your left hand. There are no special rules on which hand to hold the gloves. Some people hold ceremonial gloves with their right hand, depending on which hand the man uses to serve the woman. The etiquette of ladies wearing ceremonial gloves: the color of ceremonial gloves should be consistent with the color and style of the clothes. When wearing a dark coat, it is suitable to wear black gloves. When women wear suits or summer fashion, it is suitable to wear ceremonial gloves of tulle, mesh ceremonial gloves and polyester ceremonial gloves. In a formal dinner, if you choose a sleeveless dress, you should wear long elbow ceremonial labor gloves. don’t match short-sleeved dresses, so don’t wear gloves when wearing short-sleeved dresses. When shaking hands with people, women can depend on the situation. When shaking hands with people whose status, status, or age is higher than their own, they should take off their gloves, and when shaking hands with people whose age, status, or status is equal to or lower than themselves , You don’t have to take off your gloves. When drinking tea or eating, take off your gloves in advance.
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