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what floors look best with wood paneling?

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2020-04-11
To enhance the look of the room, wood paneling has a variety of styles and textures.
It now features raised panel panels and other modern designs, which is far from the traditional brown finish wood paneling seen in homes built in 1980 and 1970.
The updated wood paneling design gives way to the new floor options that help to combine the decor of the room.
To get a more formal look in the foyer or restaurant, pair the marble floor with woodpaneled walls.
This combination provides a clean look while enhancing the look and feel of the space to make it look bigger.
The pool villa at Las Vegas Caesar Palace features this look.
The designer chose a white raised wood panel on the wall and a traditional white marble tile with golden inlay on the floor.
While mixing different wood finishes in one space may have been a design faux pas, this rule no longer applies.
The availability of multiple wood paneling finishes makes it possible to install hardwood floors in rooms with wood paneling.
For example, a raised wall panel with a light-colored wood finish on the wall paired with a dark wooden parquet floor is a complementary combination of dining rooms or living rooms.
The combined Woods make the space feel comfortable and warm, and provide a contrast of the texture to make each element stand out.
Some people don\'t want to mix carpets with wood.
The walls are paneled and the right carpet makes the room look perfect.
Homeowners who like carpets, especially in the basement, office or study, usually pair Berber carpets with wooden paneling.
The Berber carpet is characterized by its circular piles.
Its organization is relatively short and not as bulky as most traditional carpet varieties, so it is unlikely to make the space feel closed and cramped compared to other carpet styles.
It usually stays high. traffic areas.
Berber carpets are available in a variety of colors and designs to replenish the wood rather than conflict with the woodpaneled walls.
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