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What are the plywood manufacturers for plywood production equipment and raw materials

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2021-03-05
Shanghai Qin Ge board wholesale manufacturer, focusing on the production and supply of household board for 16 years. Now Qin Ge will answer the questions about what Wood panel product production equipment needs and the raw materials for Wood panel product production. I hope it will be helpful to friends who want to open a Wood panel product factory.

The mechanical equipment needed to set up a Wood panel product factory:

Film bursting machine, screen machine, dryer including boiler hot oil machine, glue dispenser and emulsion machine, mixer, distributor, heat press, cold plate rack, edge saw, cross saw, return board Machine, glue machine.

Wood panel product production materials:

Wood panel product is a thin panel made of wood scraps as the main raw material, infiltrated with glue, and additives. The pressing method can be divided into two types: extruding Wood panel product and flat pressing Wood panel product. The main advantage of this type of board is that it is extremely cheap. Its shortcomings are also obvious: extremely poor strength. Generally, it is not suitable for making larger furniture or furniture with mechanical requirements.

The above content is for reference only, and the details are subject to actual conditions. The Wood panel product produced by Chuangji has a smooth surface, uniform density, easy sawing, high environmental protection, and complete product specifications and quality. If you need to purchase Wood panel products in bulk, please call the Shanghai Qin Ge panel manufacturer.
The global market was valued at wood panel manufacturers in wood panel manufacturers and is expected to reach a market value of wood panel manufacturers by wood panel manufacturers, with a CAGR of wood panel manufacturers during the forecast period.
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