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What are the factors that affect the quality of plywood customization?

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2021-03-08
Wood panel product surface decoration can enhance the beautification of the appearance, protect the surface, extend the service life, and improve the characteristics of physical and mechanical properties. However, when the actual veneer is customized, the surface of the Wood panel product is rough and uneven, which increases the difficulty of the actual surface decoration production, mainly as follows:

1. Surface characteristics of Wood panel product

Large surface porosity: Wood panel product is made of veneer glued together, and its surface layer maintains the characteristics of the wood texture and structure of the wood string section. Wood is a porous material, not all of it is made of wood. In general, the proportion of voids on the string section is quite large, about 30%-80% of the void ratio. Due to the existence of voids, it brings a lot of difficulties to veneer decoration and finishing, and directly affects Veneer quality.

2. The influence of surface porosity and unevenness on the quality of surface decoration

1 When facing, the duct groove on the surface often lacks glue. In addition, the penetration and uneven coating of the adhesive result in low bonding strength.

2 The temperature and humidity of the outside air changes, and the opening of the duct groove is repeatedly opened and closed, so that the decorative material on it is also repeatedly stretched and shrunk, which finally leads to cracking.

3 When coating with paint, the paint penetrates into the gap, causing paint loss and uneven film.

4 When the paint is forced to dry, the air in the void is heated and expands, which can easily cause bubbles, pinholes and other paint film defects.

In summary, the main difficulty of veneer decoration is the large surface roughness of Wood panel products, so sanding, hole filling, putty, and back cover should be carried out before coating.

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