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What are the advantages of Taian work gloves compared with traditional gloves

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2021-03-11
Taian work gloves are a kind of gloves that can be widely used in industrial and agricultural production processes to protect against opponents. Compared with traditional labor gloves, Taian work gloves have the following four advantages. 1. The outer layer of Taian work gloves is increased with a film layer, which improves abrasion resistance and greatly improves the service life. 2. It can be used in various industries such as industry, agriculture, forestry, mining, aquatic products, construction, and automobile driving. It can be used wherever manual labor is required. 3. In the working process, external dust is not easy to invade the inner layer of the glove, so the dirt resistance effect is remarkable. Even if there is some dust on the outer layer, it can be wiped off gently with a damp cloth, so it is easy to clean. 4. The inner layer is made of textile yarn, which has moisture absorption effect. Therefore, the human hand is not easy to slide in the glove, that is, the glove is not easy to fall off from the hand, and can be better connected as a whole, and the outer layer of the glove has a rubber pattern, which also has Certain anti-slip effect. In this way, the joint anti-skid effect of the inner and outer layers ensures the normal use of people in the working process.
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