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What are the advantages of plywood custom veneer

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2021-03-05
With the continuous advent of new products, for consumers, it can be said that they are the first and two largest when choosing. For the wood panel product custom veneer that consumers have discussed more now, why this product can attract the public As for the eyeballs, Qin Ge has compiled the content for your reference:

There are various theories about wood panel product customized veneer, such as particle board, particle board and bagasse board. In the process of processing, wood or other lignocellulosic materials are used for wood-based panels, which are glued under the dual effects of heat and pressure after applying an adhesive. The structure is relatively uniform, and the processing performance is good. It can be processed into large-format plates according to the needs. It is a good raw material for making furniture of different specifications and styles. The finished Wood panel product does not need to be dried again and can be used directly.

The reason why Wood panel product custom veneer is widely used in the market is inseparable from its own excellent use effect and product characteristics, so what advantages does it have?

The production technology is relatively simple and convenient, easy to process, low material consumption, and good environmental protection effect. It has good sound absorption and sound insulation effect and can be used as a sound insulation material. In addition, its texture is relatively clear and unique, and its color is relatively bright and beautiful. It has a very good decorative effect. Therefore, the custom veneer of Wood panel product can also be used in home decoration.

I am born with my material must be useful, this sentence can not only be used on our people, the same is also applicable to plates, each plate has its application range, then you understand their application range ?

1. Used as substrate: uniform density, small thickness tolerance, smooth surface is a very good veneer substrate.

2. Kitchen cabinet: can be used as the shelf, side board, back panel, drawer, door and other parts of the cabinet.

3. Counter top: stable size, flat, smooth, no knots or voids, high impact, easy to veneer, can be used as the core board of the counter top.

4. Floor bedding board: It is easy to install and can be used as a floor bedding board, so that it is strong, strong, sound effect is good, and impact resistance.

5. Stair footboard: The thickness of the footboard is uniform, and one side of the board is rounded, which saves time and is convenient for installation.

For consumers, it is best to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each sheet when choosing a sheet, and then choose the sheet that suits them, and avoid detours.

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