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What are the advantages of cotton wool gloves?

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2021-03-15
The fabric of cotton wool gloves has the characteristics of stretching and shrinking, and the staff will not feel uncomfortable due to the different size of the gloves during the wearing and use process. Therefore, cotton wool gloves can be used with large hands and small hands. It feels good when worn. High comfort. Especially favored by many industries such as electronics, plastics and jewelry. In addition, the production cost of cotton wool gloves is relatively low, so it is relatively economical to use other labor protection gloves; but cotton wool gloves have strong applicability, and have better breathability, stretchability, environmental protection and wear resistance; suitable for all seasons Sexual use, so it is very popular with people, and therefore it has become the most demanded and widely used labor protection glove in the market. Pure cotton wool gloves can absorb sweat, dust and abrasion products, and avoid collision and damage to the product. Pure cotton labor gloves are simple to use and convenient to wear; they are also widely used in hardware factories, furniture factories, electronics, printing, electronic assembly, and general assembly. , Handling, gardening, electroplating, plastics and other operators and quality control personnel, working gloves are also suitable for other labor operations to wear and use.
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