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What are self-tapping machine screws?

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2020-03-02
Screws are hardware pieces used to connect two items together;
They are a replacement for nails, and their advantage is that they can be removed and replaced easily.
They are usually made of steel, stainless steel or aluminum, though not
There are metal changes.
Screws are distinguished according to several features such as head shape, head type, thread proximity, thread gauge, length and diameter.
The most common head shape is the flat head and the sink head, the lower side of the flat head and the sink head is tapered, can sit flat;
Disc head, round side, flat top;
An oval head with a rounded side and a rounded top;
And round head, half
The top is round, and the bottom is a flat spherical top.
In addition to these differences, screws are classified according to the material they are most suitable for connection and whether the threads are all the way up or just partially up.
In addition, some screws have the cutting ability to make their own holes when driven into the material, while others need to be pre-cut
Threaded holes to use.
Mechanical screws are used to connect mechanical parts together;
They are usually narrow screws, threaded along the entire shaft.
Generally, the machine screws have been inserted-
Threaded hole or threaded hole.
At the same time, the metal is connected to the metal using sheet metal screws;
They have sharp threads that allow them to cut and thread a hole while driving.
Therefore, sheet metal screws are also called self-
Self-tapping screws or threadscutting screws.
Like machine screws, sheet metal screws are threaded from the bottom to the top. Self-
The tapping screw is a mix of machine screws and sheet metal screws.
They are like ordinary machine screws except for the thread
Cutting capability to the tip.
The difference between self
The tapping machine screw and the sheet metal screw are only part of the thread that can be cut, which means that if the screw is extracted and re-inserted, it will not cut the new thread, but will follow the previous thread.
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