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wall panel heaters - a low cost energy saving solution

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2020-04-07
As we enter the coldest months of the year, space heating is essential for many families, but how do you choose the right system? There are many different heaters, each
Some people can give you enough heat and you will think you are on holiday in the Caribbean;
Unfortunately, there will be a huge bill at the end of the month.
If you are looking for something that can effectively take the cold away from home, the panel heater on the wall may fit your pocket.
Wall-mounted plate heaters are strongly promoted because they are cheap to run and they usually consume about 400 watts of power.
They are better for the environment.
Using an hour for an hour will result in a small size of 0.
5 kg of carbon dioxide emissions are only a few cents. [1]
Credit: SudocreamThe low cost energy saving solution I purchased for my son\'s bedroom wall.
What is the wall panel HeatersWall panel heaters are called convection heating equipment, which means they warm the air in the room.
The heater is ultra-thin in design and wall-mounted.
They can be installed separately in your home or office or on multiple devices to improve comfort.
They are made of fiber. cement board (non-asbestos)
The heating element is completely encapsulated in the panel.
About 90% of the heat from the panel is the convection heat from the back of the panel, while the remaining 10% is radiating from the front of the panel.
Wall panel heaters are similar to central heating systems.
When the panel and the wall mounted on it are heated, the air between the panel and the wall begins to heat and the hot air rises.
The movement of hot air rising is constantly drawing in cooler air from the bottom of the heater, causing the heater to be heated.
To create a comfortable environment, they are controlled by a constant temperature and run out of power.
These types of heaters are heated quickly and provide space heating during operation.
This is a very economical form of \"background\" heating, safe and effective.
Energy-saving heating of household wall heaters is the most economical heater in the market;
This is because their wattage is so low that they consume very little electricity.
The typical home will use a 1500 watt space heater for a room, but the panel heater can provide up to 75% of the power for the same space as your home.
The rated power of the standard panel heater is usually 400 W, which is an effective choice for relaxing air for a long time.
They can be kept at 24/7 in winter to keep room temperature.
They are specially designed to heat an average size room of about 3 m x 4 m (12m2)
It will only cost you about a few cents an hour!
Amazing low heating cost
However, whether the wall panel heater is able to heat the bedroom well depends to a large extent on the thermal insulation of your bedroom ceiling and walls and the current temperature on the outside.
When considering space heating, one must realize that the structure and thermal insulation of the bedroom are basically just factors in the energy equation.
As the energy is released from the heater to your bedroom, the gaps in the walls, windows and ceilings can also cause heat loss.
The bedroom forms an energy balance and the room reaches a balanced temperature.
Credit: SudocreamWhen 400 W panel heater and 2300 W constant temperature-
In a controlled experiment with an external temperature of 8 °c, the oil-controlled column heater was placed in the Test and the difference in the results was easily expected.
This is obviously an unfair match to the nearly 6 times difference in the heating capacity of the oil column.
The fastest heating is the oil column heater at 8 points.
It takes 2 minutes to increase the temperature by 2 °c.
However, the panel heater took 21 minutes to move the thermometer alone.
This clearly demonstrates the advantages of a higher rated power heater-instant comfort at high temperatures!
During the test, both heaters remain in operation for 2 hours.
After no more than an hour, the thermostat of the oil column heater starts at 16 °c and begins to cycle on and off to maintain the temperature.
The thermostat temperature at 16 °c was selected as the World Health Organization (WHO)
It is recommended that the temperature of the bedroom not drop below 16 °c.
The flat wall heater increases the temperature to 12 degrees.
The temperature is 2 °c within 2 hours and shows positive signs of reaching the equilibrium temperature.
So, what impact does this have on the ability of the wall panel heater to heat the bedroom? As can be seen from the above experiment, the low wattage plate heater can only heat the bedroom.
Finally, the heating capacity is reached, and the energy balance is stable.
To put it simply: energy is equal to the energy output.
It can be concluded that the panel heater is more economical to operate than 3 times, but the heating capacity is limited.
The panel heater can only make the chill in the air disappear at best, making the winter more comfortable. [3]
Advantages of wall panels these are the main advantages that can be obtained using wall panel heaters: energy saving-very low electricity consumption (0. 4kW/hr)
Convert heating to lower energy bills for space.
Easy and quick to install-I installed the wall panel kit in less than 30 minutes.
Only four mounting brackets need to be drilled and the panel nailed in.
Credit: the mounting bracket for the SudocreamThe panel and the installation of pinsSlim, are compact in design-the panel is carefully mounted against the wall, saving floor space and can be coated with pva glue or latex paint that matches the interior decoration of the home.
Safe for children and pets-no exposed fan or hot elements.
The surface temperature of the panel is relatively low (75 -
Depending on the ambient temperature, 90 °C).
It may sound hot, but as fiber
Cement is a poor thermal conductor, which cannot perform enough heat transfer from the hot surface, causing the fingers to burn down.
No health hazard-the panel does not contain any health hazard materials such as asbestos.
Because of its design, unlike bars, fans, or gas heaters, it does not run out of oxygen and therefore does not starve to the air of oxygen, which can leave safely while sleeping.
Instead, the panel heater warms the entire room without drying air.
Quiet Design-it\'s completely quiet for the bedroom setting you want to be quiet and quiet.
Heating capacity-it is capable of heating rooms of an average size of about 3 m x 4 m (12m2).
High reliability-due to the design of the panel, the heating element is not exposed to the air and the dust cannot be collected on the heating wire, which may eventually lead to burn out, just like other types of heaters.
There are no moving parts, such as a fan that blows air, which is a high fault item. [2]
From my personal experience, wall panel heaters are most effective and I find that wall panel heaters are effective space heaters only in the \"low flow\" area of your home.
Rooms such as bedrooms or study rooms can close the door while you sleep or work and really get the most effective use from the heater.
Due to the low heating capacity, they need to keep working for a long time.
Panel heaters cannot cope with the challenge of people coming and going to heat up a large, dry living space.
A gas heater or an infrared heater will be a more sensible option here.
Otherwise, the panel heaters are very effective in closed spaces because they do not use oxygen, so are not
Flammable or combustible, so can be kept safely while sleeping. [1]Econo-Heat 0603 E-
Price: $99. 00 $82.
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