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unscrewing molds go electric. (tooling close-up).

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2020-03-05
* The hydraulic system is a common power source that drives the unscrewing of the core to separate the threaded part from the injection tool.
Although the hydraulic system is quite reliable, there are also disadvantages.
\"The hydraulic system is usually effective, but not so fast and not so precise,\" said Alan . \".
Petrucci, president and owner of B A mould company
, Mold manufacturer with professional knowledge in unscrewing Core Design.
These shortcomings make it difficult for the hydraulic driven unscrew system to meet the needs of parts with very precise dimensions, large diameters or many threads that require multi-ring cores.
Petrucci says typical unscrewing such as cap caps, pipe connections, and medical components are moving towards these more stringent requirements.
In order to meet these requirements, B A mold developed A new type of screw-down core design driven by servo motor.
Advantages of its new programmable electric rotating core (PERC)
It is reported that the system on the hydraulic system includes compact, programmable, fast and accurate core positioning and components to eliminate hydraulic oil pollution. The patent-
The pending PERC system can also be easily adapted to the unscrew operation on the separation line, which is for the traditional hydraulic-
Drive the system, said Petrucci.
Many existing molds can be adapted to PERC.
Petrucci says it actually eliminates the need for overhead space and therefore can use smaller presses.
The PERC system is about 5% more expensive than the hydraulic system.
B. The mold can make the PERC tool in 12 weeks on average.
Why is PERC different?
Rack for hydraulic core tools (
Straight tooth rail)
It is usually installed on the mold.
The slots of the rack enter the mold through the top and intersect with the straight Thorn
The type of gear inside, turn the core.
The hydraulic cylinder moves the rack to turn the core.
The rack moves in a linear way, so 3-in. -diam.
It may take 10 in for Cap.
Or more linear rack trips that turn the core into a complete revolution.
Bill Sigsworth pointed out: \"The hydraulic system needs a cylinder equal to the length of the rack, and the space under the mold unit is equal when moving the rack through the mold . \", Mold design and engineering manager. Hence, larger-
Diameter parts or parts with more threads require longer racks and cylinders.
In general, the rack and cylinder structure may require such a large space above the mold that it may require more pressure to accommodate it, Petrucci said.
Using a planetary gear between the rack and the core can trim the length of the rack slightly, but will not eliminate the problem.
Another problem with the hydraulic system is control.
Material shrinkage around the core makes it difficult to separate from the core.
\"High torque and low rotation speed are initially needed to create a break --
Petrucci said: \"away from the force, and then quickly loosen the need for high rpm and low torque, however, the hydraulic system is often not programmed to adjust the torque and rpm during operation.
Mold usually choose hightorque/low-
Rpm settings for separation forces.
However, under the slower rpm setting, the mold is screwed and the rack is returned to the ready position.
\"In addition, the gap between the rack and the straight gear will cause the wrong (under-or over-turning)
Unscrew the core.
Hydraulic systems are also often open. loop systems.
Sigsworth said that if overpackaged parts are stuck on the core, the hydraulic system will continue to push the rack even if the core is not turned, causing damage to the core.
The use of the hydraulic system also increases the possibility of oil contamination, a serious problem with cleaning
The shape of the room, he pointed out.
The PERC system uses an electric servo drive mounted on the mold.
The servo motor is relatively small.
\"We don\'t need racks or cylinders,\" said Petrucci . \".
In contrast, the screw shaft is closely linked to a series of specially designed worm gears.
The servo motor rotates a specially designed turbine gear, which is reported to be more accurately connected to the core than the straight gear. B A Die.
Mold Design when screwed, the core part is retracted from the mold.
The servo motor allows programmable core movement.
The user can describe the operation of the system to obtain high torque and low speed, and then quickly twist it down at low torque.
In addition, you can program the speed at which the core returns its idle position.
Servo Control, worm-
It is said that the gear design and the use of proximity sensors provide a positioning accuracy of 0. 0003 in.
If the part is blocked, using the motor also helps to prevent damage to the tool, because the motor will turn off if the torque level exceeds the rated capacity.
On the other hand, \"just install a slightly larger motor to increase the torque or more rpm,\" Sigsworth said . \".
User can choose to control PERC with bracketalone, Windows-based control (
Can be programmed by laptop or PC)
Or integrate its operation into the main machine control.
By repositioning the unscrewing mechanism, the PERC also allows the unscrewing on the parting line.
Sigsworth pointed out that the hydraulic screwing system on the parting line may have to be built entirely outside the mold and very bulky.
One of the first users of PERC technology is precision sampling and molding (PSM)Inc. in St. Charles, Ill. , a $4-
The million/year injection molding machine specializes in short-term and product testing.
\"The first question I asked was whether the tool could provide enough torque,\" said David C . \"
Your Excellency the President.
The PERC system with a torque to rpm ratio of 5: 1 provides a 360 input. -lb of torque.
A customer sent an eight.
Cavity tool for product sampling to provide the csm with the aldehyde pipe components. The 137-
G parts have 32 threads per cavity.
\"The hydraulic system needs 5-ft-
Grandpa said: \"The long racks and cylinders that do this work, which means that the space above the mold needs a lot, and the space below the mold is also very large, which will attract people\'s attention to the storage of the mold.
These problems did not occur with the PERC system.
In fact, the result is very good, the customer is usually
House molder has left the model to csm.
Also make a76g using PSM, 16-
Thread, eight formaldehyde shrink pipe part-cavity mold.
The loop time of about 57 seconds is implemented on 32 thread parts (
Formed on Van Dorn Demag 400-ton press)
And 42 seconds and 16-thread part (
Produced on a Van Dorn 300tonner).
These times are 30% faster than using a hydraulic screw-down system, Granquist said.
Production of more than 100,000 pieces per month per PSM system, no major issues.
The BADie mold itself uses PERC to test the mold for parts with three threaded ports for drinking water applications.
According to Petrucci, the part requires three cores to intersect inside the mold, one core through the other, a feat that cannot be achieved accurately and repeatedly with a hydraulic system.
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