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Types of labor insurance gloves material

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2021-03-12
Today, I will explain to you the types of labor gloves. Layer leather: The outermost layer of the leather material, which is taken from the skin of the leather. This kind of leather does not require any mechanical processing and trimming.  The advantages of the first layer gloves: dexterous operation, comfortable, accurate grasping performance.   two-layer leather:    the inner layer of leather is obtained by cutting or removing the outer layer of the dermis. The advantages of    two-layer leather gloves: wear-resistant, suitable for heavy physical labor.   types of leather and its advantages    cowhide:    cow head leather: most protective gloves use cow head leather, mainly scraped from the ribs. Features: soft, dexterous, comfortable, good wear resistance, tear resistance and puncture resistance.   cattle split leather: most of the gloves made of split leather are used for item handling and heat protection. Usually choose to use the two-layer leather on the back of the cow, and choose fewer shoulders. The quality of the two-layer leather on the ribs is not good, so it is rarely used. Features: The cost is lower than the nutou layer leather, and the wear resistance is excellent.  Goatskin:   Single skin layer: Its normal thickness cannot be pulled out of the two-layer skin, and its advantage is that it is lighter than cowhide. Because it uses the original thickness, it is suitable for making gloves with better mechanical resistance. Because the fiber has not been cut, its wear resistance and puncture resistance have been strengthened. If it is kneaded, it will have a better contact effect. Features: soft, dexterous, good abrasion resistance, tear resistance and puncture resistance. Its abrasion resistance depends on the thickness of the leather, the thickness usually used is 1.1-1.3MM (good mechanical properties) or 0.6-1.0MM (good flexibility and dexterity).  Pigskin:   Pig’s first and second skins: mostly concentrated in Asian countries. Because of its poor mechanical resistance and poor dexterity after mixing, it is used to make gloves with simple isolation effects. Features: Low price.
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