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Tips to prolong the service life of cotton wool working gloves

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2021-03-11
Generally, the working life of Han cloth cotton wool work gloves will not be too long. One is that they are used frequently, and the wear is severe, and the other is that they are not maintained. Use the labor gloves according to the following methods to make them more viable: 1. Can be added when shrinking and soaking A little salt not only prevents the cotton cloth from fading, but also keeps the color bright and lasting. 2. Pure cotton cloth will shrink. Newly bought cotton cloth must be soaked in 40℃ and 50℃ warm water and then dried. When it is 90% dry, use an iron to level it. 3. Cotton cloth with sweat stains should not be washed at high temperature, because the protein in the sweat will coagulate and adhere to the fiber to form a macula when heated. 4. When washing pure cotton products, you can add a little salt or white vinegar to soak, and high-end products can add a small amount of alum. 5. The washing temperature depends on the color of the cotton cloth, generally 40℃~50℃. The water temperature should not be too high for bright or dark colors. 6. The white non-sweat cotton cloth can use high temperature water. 7. Cotton cloth and its products should not be exposed to sunlight, and should be dried in a ventilated and cool place. 8. Cotton cloth is more resistant to high temperature during ironing and can be ironed at a high temperature of 200℃.
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