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Three aspects to look at the advantages and disadvantages of ecological boards_Shanghai Chuangji Board Brand Manufacturer

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2021-03-09
The quality of the eco-board is related to three aspects, one is the structure of the wooden board, the second is the adhesive used in the wooden board, and the third is the production process of the eco-board. And this article mainly analyzes how to judge the quality of ecological boards from these three angles.

01The quality of the ecological board is related to its structure

The structure of the so-called ecological board actually refers to the type of its board core here. The difference of the board core has a great relationship with the quality of the ecological board. The eco-board with MDF laminated to the veneer has poor nail-holding force, unbalanced internal stress, and is prone to deformation problems; while the eco-board with three plywood cores, judging from the current market response, the phenomenon of open glue is the most Prone to problems; the best structure of the ecological board is made of large core board or solid wood veneer with melamine veneer, but the process requirements are quite high.

02The quality of ecological board is related to its adhesive

The adhesive mentioned here affects the quality of the ecological board, mainly from the perspective of its environmental protection. We all know that the amount of formaldehyde emission is the biggest problem with wood-based panels such as ecological boards, and the amount of formaldehyde emission has a great relationship with the amount and types of adhesives used. In the case of the same amount, urea-formaldehyde glue releases more formaldehyde than melamine resin adhesive, so the ecological board using the second glue is more popular with the public, and the price is also higher.

03The quality of ecological board is related to its craftsmanship

The production process of eco-board affects its quality, which is mainly reflected in its surface. Take the carbonization point, for example, place the eco-board under bright light at a 45-degree angle to observe it. The small and dirty pieces you see are the carbonization points. The more the carbonization points, the lower the level of the eco-board technology and the worse the quality of the wood board.


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