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The working glove factory has information on the service life of different labor insurance products-

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2021-03-13
Large enterprises have a large demand for labor insurance products, so when purchasing labor insurance products, in addition to paying attention to the price of labor insurance products, the quality and brand of labor insurance products, it is also very important to understand the service life of labor insurance products. As we all know, labor insurance products are human labor protection equipment. The collective term includes the safety helmets for the head, protective glasses, dust and gas masks, safety shoes for the feet, overalls for the body, safety belts, and labor gloves. The following content introduces the service life of labor protection supplies: special labor protection The service life of the products is introduced. For special labor protection products such as safety helmets, safety belts, safety shoes, protective glasses, gas masks, insulating gloves, electrician shoes, etc., because it is for the protection of the life and property of customers, the quality and performance requirements are extremely high. High, after the product is produced, it needs to be tested by the competent department to obtain the China Labor Safety Product Mark before it can be used in the market. At the same time, the use period of special labor insurance products must be rigidly regulated. The service life of ordinary labor insurance products mainly includes labor insurance gloves, cotton work gloves, disposable masks, work clothes and other products. According to the requirements of their own workplaces, they are based on the principle of whether to continue to use them. The country does not have and does not need to make relevant rigid regulations. When an enterprise purchases labor insurance supplies, it needs to request corresponding inspection reports for suppliers or labor insurance supplies based on the nature of the purchased labor insurance supplies. Ensure the safety and use time of employees and save costs. Manufacturers of labor protection products should also strictly comply with national requirements to produce products that workers can use with confidence. Guarantee the work safety of workers.
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