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The role of ecological board in the board industry_shanghai chuangji ecological board manufacturer

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2021-03-07
As the saying goes, 360 lines are the best. I believe that many companies are working hard for their products to become the industry champions, such as the role of Alipay in the Internet payment industry, the role of Didi in the taxi industry, and the role of ecological boards in the sheet industry.

In the furniture board industry, in the past few years, various products have been mixed into the market, and the product quality is difficult to control, and the environmental protection level is not uniform. In the face of such a sheet market, Qin Ge has always insisted on focusing on environmental protection, because of its advanced production technology, high-end environmental protection grade, high-quality raw materials and other characteristics, it quickly occupied a space in the market.

On a larger level, the country has issued unique G series environmental protection standards, which has also promoted the board industry to move towards environmental protection. As a result, internal multi-layer boards remind the industry of rapid development, and external state policies to supervise the board industry, making the current board industry a big step forward in terms of environmental protection.

In the original furniture board market, it is difficult to see products above the E0 level, that is to say, almost all the boards are added with formaldehyde, a product that is harmful to human health. Qin Ge's innovation and high requirements for products have produced products with zero formaldehyde addition, making environmentally friendly panels in the current furniture market no longer uncommon.

Eco-board paint-free board has a great promotion effect on the board industry. Eco-board paint-free board has gradually become the leading product of furniture board products, and Qin Ge, which specializes in the production of environmentally friendly eco-board, will continue to lead the industry as an example Towards more environmental protection.

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