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the pros and cons of teak hardwood flooring

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2020-04-02
The hardwood floors are timeless classic, durable and look attractive.
Hardwood floors can be used for generations if they are well maintained.
Hardwood floors are cut from different kinds of trees.
The quality of the floor depends largely on the type of floor made and the thickness of the board.
While some of the hard wood that is common locally, such as cherry, maple or ash, is very popular, exotic options like teak are slowly gaining ground in the industry.
Teak has several advantages and disadvantages.
Its durability, natural light and resistance to insects are rare to have unique benefits.
This article discusses in detail the various features associated with teak and whether it is worth investing in. • Pros: 1.
Durable Brazilian teak is harder than red oak and Santos mahogany and is considered one of the hardest hard woods.
It is not easy to wear and tear, so it is suitable for rooms with busy traffic.
It has strong resistance to scratches and debris.
Teak flooring for pets
For children, its hardness and natural resistance to any physical injury are friendly and perfect. 2.
Teak texture and color with gorgeous red
Warm, not too dark brown.
Its color makes it a universally attractive option because it blends well with almost all color schemes.
Untreated teak floors that are often exposed to UV light form silver when dry.
The application of the necessary coating can prevent this situation.
As natural oil in teak wood gives a natural shine, many buyers do not deal with it.
Over the years, the floor has naturally aged with unique texture patterns, with rustic charm.
This saves the buyer the cost, but also brings the true beauty of teak. 3.
Waterproof and insect repellent teak is naturally waterproof, which means it is not easily damaged by rot or exposure to water.
However, over time, too much water or mopping will damage the floor.
Also, since natural oils in teak are insect repellent, your floor will not be hollowed out by termite and other pests. 4.
Teak is easy to maintain and use and is one of the most widely used wood in exotic forests.
Brazilian teak, in particular, is widely sold on hardwood floors in North America.
In addition, it also imports from Myanmar and some southern countries.
East Asian countries.
Teak QinGe bamboo flooring is a darker hardwood floor that makes it easier to spot dirt and problem areas as needed.
Frequent vacuuming ensures that dirt and debris are not collected in corners and joints. • Cons: 1)
Expensive teak is an expensive hard wood as it has to be imported.
If your budget is limited, Honduras Redwood is considered a good alternative to teak because of its similar hardness and relatively low price. 2)
Certain varieties of teak are on the verge of extinction, and if you want teak flooring, look for recycled or sustainable wood.
Another way to ensure that you are certified and legal to obtain wood is to check the FSC certification at the time of purchase. 3)
Since teak is one of the hardest to buy hardwood floors, it is difficult to cut and polish.
Professionals must be hired to install these floors.
Teak is one of the most durable options you have.
Given the pros and cons, one can correctly say that if you are looking for exotic wood flooring, teak acquired through sustainable harvesting is a great option.
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