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The production process of cotton wool work gloves and the use of work gloves

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2021-03-19
Cotton wool labor gloves are a kind of cotton labor gloves. Because they are made of materials, they are usually called cotton gloves separately. Cotton wool gloves have a smooth surface, clear texture, fine texture, smooth feel, and good vertical and horizontal properties. Extensibility, and the horizontal extensibility is greater than the vertical extensibility. With good moisture absorption and air permeability, it is especially favored by operators and quality control personnel in electronics, plastics, machinery hardware, furniture factories, electronics, electronic assembly, general assembly, handling, gardening, electroplating, plastics, etc., and many other industries. Production: Cotton wool gloves should be made of a whole roll of grey fabric through a series of processes such as bleaching and dyeing, cutting, sewing, turning, grading, packaging, etc.; through bleaching, cutting, sewing, turning, grading, packaging, etc. A series of processes are carefully crafted. Instructions for the use of working gloves: a. The use of safety gloves must be selected according to the protective function of the gloves. Don't use it indiscriminately to avoid accidents. b. Before using the waterproof, acid and alkali resistant, chemical and oil resistant gloves, carefully check for damage and aging. If they are, they cannot be used. c. After use, rubber, latex, plastic and other protective gloves should be rinsed, dried, and stored to avoid high temperatures, and talcum powder should be sprinkled on the product to prevent adhesion. d. Insulating gloves should be used strictly in accordance with the instructions for use, and the electrical insulation properties should be checked regularly. They cannot be used if they do not meet the requirements. e. Latex industrial gloves are only suitable for weak acids.
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