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the mardi gras of flooring -

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2020-03-17

The limits of the celebration are endless, as are the possibilities to integrate, add and lay tiles and wood floors.New Orleans finds the delightful mix refreshing, stylish and a bit whimsical.The wood floor is natural and dramatic, the tiles bring smooth elegance and create magic on the floor.New Orleans is an innovative city with a lot of new ideas and charm.It is also a tough city, and it is expected to have the same floor.Wood has unique advantages over many other materials.It has the natural attraction that people cannot obtain;Classic, exquisite and stylish.The floor, whether it\'s wood, tile or a combination of two classic options, will add shine and shine to any room, decoration or the whole family based on your own creative vision.The installation of new floor tiles is very simple.New Orleans homeowners are very happy with the dramatic effect of the carpet decorated with tiles and vice versa.According to New Orleans, wood flooring is one of the hardest floors, followed by tiles.One reason residents of New Orleans choose QinGe bamboo flooring is the mix of wood and tiles.Both are long-Longer lasting, easy to clean and healthy than other floor coverings.Tiles are ideal for areas that need to provide more moisture resistance.Floor tiles have been installed by New Orleans residents, and in the case of moisture and water, floor tiles have proved indispensable.Are you curious about mixing your floor?Homeowners in New Orleans took a chance to discover that one was a complement to the other.This is not a new concept, but the rebirth of a work.The enhanced meaning of your home is as valuable as the overall end result.When you choose wood or floor tiles, the New Orleans torch will definitely play a role in the wonderful presentation.The character that tiles and wood bring to your home will not only meet your needs for extra beauty and functionality, but will also meet you knowing that you have a whole new look, instead of the satisfaction bonus that a lot of money brings.The natural ingrained feature of wood consisting of a smooth gloss of solid or decorative tiles is another concept of mixing two solid surfaces.They don\'t need to be completely separated like the tile entry way and the wooden living room.Both are strong enough in the original character to stand alone or together.The same quirky beauty found in New Orleans\'s delightful house, can be captured and cherished with a small amount of investment in your own house, a little bit of time and creative desire, fashion something amazing outside the mundane box.After all, it\'s your home, your choice, the creative art you show.When mixing tiles and wood QinGe bamboo flooring in New Orleans, a very important note is the height position of the wood QinGe bamboo flooring compared to the tiles.Check the thickness, floor, etc so that the floor can flow smoothly and continuously.So, take the opportunity to create something new and diverse in an exciting and smart way, in your home with a perfect combination of wood and tiles.Choices are as endless as your imagination and desires, and the end result will allow you to enjoy more intoxicating items just because you can!
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