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The jersey gloves are not ordinary white gloves! Gloves Information-

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2021-03-15
Friends often come to inquire that cotton wool gloves are ordinary white gloves. This is a misunderstanding. First, explain that the jersey gloves are a kind of labor gloves, but the production process is completely different from that of the white line gloves. The jersey generally refers to a weft jersey knitted fabric used for knitting underwear. Usually the thickness is 80-120 grams per square meter. The cloth surface is smooth, the particles are clear, the texture is fine, the hand feel is smooth, the longitudinal and transverse extensibility is good, and the transverse extensibility is greater than the longitudinal extensibility. It has good moisture absorption and air permeability, but it has detachability and curling phenomenon, and sometimes curling phenomenon occurs. Ordinary jerseys are bleached jerseys, special white jerseys, fine bleached jerseys, and burnt silk jerseys. According to the dyeing and finishing process, there are plain jerseys, printed jerseys, and navy blue striped jerseys. According to the raw materials used, there are mixed jersey, silk jersey, acrylic jersey, polyester jersey, ramie jersey and so on. Sweat gloves are very different from white gloves. Simply put, it is very different from the weaving process. White gloves are woven from white yarn. From thread to finished gloves, sweat gloves must first be woven into jersey. After cutting, sew sweat gloves. Work gloves are gloves made of plain knitted fabric, usually white. Mainly used for etiquette, such as traffic police on duty, flag bearers, hotel attendants, etc.
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