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The influence of sanding machine adjustment on the surface processing quality of plywood_Shanghai Chuangji Board Brand Manufacturer

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2021-03-07
Sanding equipment is the main production equipment in the veneer production of Wood panel products. Using sanding equipment can make the surface of Wood panel product smoother and even thicker, making it more suitable for veneer customization. The following explains about sanding The influence of machine adjustment on processing quality:

1. Precision adjustment of the machine

According to different sanding allowance requirements, the sanding machine needs to be adjusted to achieve a reasonable distribution of sanding processing volume for multiple sanding heads.

2. Fine-tuning in the production process

When processing plates, the sanding machine needs to be fine-tuned frequently. This is because the wear of the abrasive belt is a dynamic gradual process, so that the thickness and surface quality of the workpiece are also in a regular process of change. in.

As the saying goes: Machines are dead and people are alive. Professional equipment operators will set attributes for product processing according to equipment conditions, which has reached the unity of products.

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