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The difference between plywood and ecological board_board manufacturer Shanghai Chuangji Wood

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2021-03-06
Wood panel products have been widely used in recent years. Because of their uniform structure, they can be processed into large-format panels according to actual needs. They are good materials for making various styles of furniture, such as: various cabinets, panel conference tables, bookshelves, Board type executive desk and so on.

Wood panel product originated in Europe, it is a kind of composite board processed from shredded wood through high temperature and high pressure. Compared with solid wood panels or plywood, the manufacture of Wood panel products does not require a large number of felling trees, which is very in line with national environmental protection standards. In Guangdong, many Shenzhen office furniture manufacturers use Wood panel products for production and manufacturing. .

In the application of Wood panel products, it is also necessary to consider the surface secondary processing decoration (surface veneer or coating). We can talk about the advantages and disadvantages of Wood panel products in detail:

Advantages: Wood panel product can be processed into corresponding thickness and large-format panels as required, with a flat surface, uniform structure, uniform length and width, and no growth defects; it does not need to be dried and can be used directly; sound insulation and heat insulation performance is also very good , It is also easy to process, and is also conducive to mechanized production; it has the advantages of low price and high utilization rate.

Disadvantages: The edges are relatively rough, easy to absorb moisture and deform, and the thickness expansion rate is relatively large. It may even cause the edges to fall off and affect the quality of processing; generally it is not suitable for tenoning, the nail holding force is relatively low, and the strong parts are not easy Times disassembly.

The density is still relatively large, usually higher than ordinary wood, furniture made of it is generally bulkier, and there is no wood grain on the surface. In addition, Wood panel products have low planar tensile strength and are prone to sag deformation when used in transverse members.

In summary, Wood panel products (including furniture made by Wood panel products) have certain requirements to prevent the environment, otherwise their quality and life will be affected.

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