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The difference between E0 grade ecological board decorative sheet and E1 grade_shanghai chuangji environmental protection board brand manufacturer

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2021-03-20
A more common type of gloves among cotton wool gloves. Because yarn gloves have a variety of shapes, styles, materials, and colors, and small differences, the prices of craftsmanship are also different due to different materials. Color set price: There are generally three colors of recycled cotton yarn, including natural white color, bleached color, and colored yarn (that is, colored yarn, because it is difficult to decolorize some fabric scraps, naturally use color to process the yarn). The raw cotton yarns used in labor gloves include polyester-cotton yarn and pure cotton yarn. Because polyester-cotton yarn contains chemical fibers, the color of the yarn is usually white. The more chemical fibers in the yarn, the whiter the color of the yarn. The color of pure cotton yarn (including cotton) used on gloves is usually original white. Density is set at a fixed price. At present, there are generally 7 needles and 10 needles on the market. The price of 10 needles is higher than that of 7 needles. Because the production efficiency of 10 needles is lower than that of 7 needles on the same working glove specifications, the price is relatively high. In general, it is ignored. The price is determined by the quantity of cotton: the higher the cotton content of cotton wool gloves, the higher the price of the labor gloves produced. At present, pure cotton gloves are usually used in low-temperature operations to protect hands from hot hands and anti-static operations.
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