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The current development prospects of the Taian work gloves market

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2021-03-10
Because the inside of the ceremonial glove is directly touched with the hand, it is easily stained with sweat secretions. Assuming that it is left untreated, it is very simple to make the glove smelly and moldy. Then it affects the second use. Here is how to clean the ceremonial gloves. First of all, we need to use brushes such as brushing teeth to clean up the dirt on the gloves as much as possible. Special attention should be paid to the cleaning of the fingertips of the ceremonial gloves. Then mix a bucket of cold water, salt, and mild pan rice evenly, quietly wash the cotton gloves in the water, and rub the dirt with your fingers. At this time, the labor gloves were flushed a second time, and the water was overflowed by kneading them quietly. Then put each finger on an old clothespin to avoid deformation of the fingers. Find a cool place, hang the ritual gloves with clothespins, air-dry the ritual gloves, massage or knead the softened ritual gloves to keep the cotton yarn soft. Continue to knead again, kneading every few hours until they are completely dried. In this way, cleaning ceremonial gloves will not appear stiff and uncomfortable to wear. Sweat-stained cotton cloth should not be washed at high temperature, because the protein in the sweat will condense and adhere to the fibers to form the macula when heated. White, non-sweat-free high-temperature water can be used. The ceremonial gloves made of pure cotton should not be exposed to the sun and should be dried in a cool and ventilated place. Gloves are more resistant to high temperature during ironing, and can be ironed at a high temperature of 200°C. A small amount of salt can be added when shrinking and soaking, not only to avoid the fading of ceremonial gloves, but also to make the colors bright and durable.
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