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the best types of corkscrew bottle openers

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2020-02-29
When you go to the store or go online, you will find a lot of different kinds of screws.
Some of them will look interesting and some will not work very well.
Many people compare this bottle opener to a rat trap.
It can almost be said that the lever bottle opener is one of the best bottle opener you need and all the other ones are redundant.
This is not to say that some of the other corkscrew methods are not admirable because they are indeed admirable, but they are not actually needed.
Today, let\'s talk about the lever bottle opener and how it works.
You will find that it requires little muscle and energy than some new screws.
Not only that, we will also introduce something you need to look for in the bottle opener.
The lever bottle opener works in a very easy movement.
All you need to do is fix the cork screw on the bottleneck.
Then the lever at the top (
Some you push, some you pull)
Push the spiral metal rod down into the cork.
Then you simply change the actions you do (
Weather for pushing or pulling)
It connects the metal rod to the cork.
You can\'t see that some internal gear will reduce the amount of muscle someone needs to push the metal rod down into the cork.
To avoid hurting yourself on a metal rod, most corkscrews have a buffer.
As you can see, the lever bottle opener takes only a small amount of effort for you.
Not only that, it proves that there is no reason in the world to spend up to $400 on a high-end bottle opener that may or may not work.
There are a few things to remember here when you get the bottle opener.
If you have limited arm strength or very serious arthritis, then leverage is the best way to fit you.
This is because, unlike other screws, this screw does not require any distortion.
You can choose to use an electronic bottle opener, but it will cost a lot of money.
Also, don\'t fall into a trap because plastic screws are as good as metal screws.
Metal is always better used.
Last, but not least, if you choose not to use a lever screw, look for a manual screw that deviates from the center point for whatever reason.
So you don\'t have to be so careful.
Also, you are unlikely to break the cork in the wine.
In general, most people don\'t know there\'s so much to choose corkscrew, but that\'s true.
It\'s not difficult to choose the right one for you.
Stay away from plastic that claims they are as good as metal because they are not.
Last but not least, don\'t get a fancy bottle opener because others get it.
Keep in mind that leverage works best and you should stick to it.
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