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by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2021-03-08
For Wood panel product customized panels, during production, the raw materials are processed, and after the shavings are processed, they are mixed with glue and pressed. The final result is the Wood panel product customized panels. Therefore, Wood panel product customization When the board absorbs water when in use, the expansion rate is much larger than that of the wood's water absorption thickness. Shanghai Qin Ge explains how to reduce the water absorption thickness expansion of the wood panel product customized board during production:

1. Add water repellent (paraffin wax emulsion is generally used)

For the paraffin emulsion added to the customized urea-formaldehyde wood panel product, in foreign countries, based on the solid paraffin to the dry wood panel product, it is generally about 0.5%. This dosage is accepted by everyone after research and a lot of practice. Adding 0.25% of paraffin wax can greatly reduce the thickness expansion value; when the dosage is increased to 0.5%, 0.75%, the thickness expansion value does not drop significantly again.

2. Different wood materials have great differences in the expansion rate of water absorption thickness

Wood panel product When customizing plants to make boards with certain types of wood, special attention needs to be paid to some specific links. For example, poplar, although the normal amount of paraffin emulsion is added to the board making, the water absorption thickness swelling rate is often higher. This is due to the large gap between the tube hole and the conduit, and it is easy to fluff, split and curl during the chipping process, which causes the gap of the plate and the amount of capillary to increase. The material difference between the morning and late woods of poplar makes the thickness deviation of the shavings when shaving very large, which leads to the increase of the water absorption thickness and expansion rate of the board. appropriate. If it is still difficult to achieve the water absorption thickness expansion rate specified in the 'standard

3. Increase the amount of glue used

As mentioned above, increasing the amount of glue used will have a greater inhibitory effect on the resilience of shavings, and the water absorption thickness expansion value must be reduced accordingly. This has a significant effect on pine or poplar.

In summary, for example, when custom wood panel product manufacturers produce customized wood panel products, they will be processed and produced in strict accordance with the above content, which can reduce a certain degree of water absorption and expansion. The most important thing is that users use the most Don't touch the water.

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