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by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2021-03-08
Hollow Wood panel product, also known as bridge tunnel mechanics board, is an ideal core material for wooden doors. This product is a new type of green environmental protection product, with sound insulation effect, high flatness, convenient processing and other characteristics, and is widely welcomed by wooden door companies. The domestic testing standards for hollow wood panel products are generally: moisture content, length and size change rate, water absorption thickness expansion rate, board density, board density deviation, static bending strength, internal bonding strength, and formaldehyde emission. However, if the general customer does not have the testing equipment, I will teach you a few simple methods for the customer's reference.

One, look at the material

The base material is the key to determining the quality of hollow wood panel products. There is almost no domestic company that uses pure pine to process hollow Wood panel products. Generally, companies with good quality use pine mixed wood as the base material, that is, most of the pine wood and a small part of other tree materials are processed. The worst poplar wood has high water absorption rate and variable characteristics, which determines the quality of hollow wood panel products.

Two, glue

In fact, the production method of urea-formaldehyde glue is very simple. The easiest way to make it is that a 3,000 yuan reactor can produce glue. However, to make environmentally-friendly and high-quality glue requires a large investment, such as production equipment, testing equipment, production technology, quality and quantity of raw materials. Therefore, it is difficult for customers to distinguish, and once the product's environmental protection level is not up to standard, it will cause trouble.

3. Waterproofing agent

Generally, there is a layer of wax on the surface of wood panel products, that is, water repellent. There are two ways to use:

(1) Spray wax on the surface;

(2) Add the glue and stir evenly with wood chips.

Waterproofing agent determines the expansion rate of hollow Wood panel products. Generally, the hollow Wood panel products produced by using water repellents correctly and using good quality water repellents are basically not deformed and safer after processing into wooden doors.

Fourth, production equipment and technology

The production of hollow wood panel products are all extrusion methods, and the domestic improvement of the process is divided into two types:

(1) The position of the machine is low (domestic improved type), usually cutting after extruding a sheet, the strength of the sheet is not enough to be noticed.

(2) The machine is placed at a higher position (according to the foreign process), usually 6-7 sheets are hung after extrusion. In this way, if the strength and toughness of the sheet are not up to the requirements, the sheet will fall, so usually this The internal bonding strength of the plate produced by the process is relatively stable.

The above is about the introduction of hollow Wood panel products. In fact, hollow does not necessarily mean that the product has no internal entities, but may be a term for certain products.

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