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takata tightens screws on suppliers as air bag crisis mounts: sources

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2020-04-13
TOKYO (Reuters)-Takata Corp. 7312.
According to relevant sources, T has begun to impose stricter quality control on a batch of parts suppliers, as the auto safety equipment manufacturer has increased production to replace the millions recalled due to potential fatal defects
Takata\'s airbag has killed five people and recalled more than 20 million vehicles worldwide. S.
Security regulators and federal prosecutors and strict scrutiny from the United StatesS. lawmakers.
Over the past two months, the company has launched a series of \"emergency\" inspections on its supply network and sent managers to parts manufacturers in Japan and Asia to announce the changes, according to those who asked not to be identified. At one closed-
Takata executives and more than 100 of suppliers held meetings in Japan
On October, Takata stated that its representative would inspect 40 key parts suppliers by the end of the year and audit the remaining companies in 2015, one of the persons involved said.
\"Takata is now very strict in quality control,\" said a person attending the meeting . \".
The supplier said that the way the inspections were conducted was not much different from the regular quality checks carried out by Takata, but they highlighted the speed and unusual sense of urgency they were declared.
\"It\'s different this time.
The inspection was not planned before and was suddenly announced during the meeting, \"said the relevant personnel.
\"They came to my factory within a week or two after the date was set,\" the person said . \".
Takata spokesman Hishikawa Toyohiro declined to comment on the company\'s deal with suppliers.
Takata has not yet identified the cause of its airbag defect, which makes some of these airbags prone to explosion in the accident and fired shrapnel inside the vehicle.
Five deaths related to Honda Motor\'s Takada airbag7267. T)
The global car recall has affected a number of automakers.
There is no indication that the safety issue is the result of quality control for Takata suppliers.
In discussions with suppliers, Takada executives did not elaborate on the reasons for the quality audits that were out of scope for airbag parts suppliers.
According to sources, Takata is located at the top of the pyramid of more than 100 suppliers in Japan.
Many of these businesses are family businesses.
Local manufacturers, long term
In connection with Takata\'s standing, Takata employs some workers and manufactures nuts, bolts and belt buckles in Takata\'s airbags and seat belts.
Takata\'s chief executive, Shigehisa Takada, told investors in June that the company had allowed it to be in Japan at a time when demand for airbags grew rapidly.
During a visit to Takata suppliers in Southeast Asia, a senior manager sent by the headquarters told the manager of the factory that Takata\'s Tokyo headquarters took responsibility for ensuring quality \"global standards.
As part of this, the company said it would work to incorporate the improvements recommended by suppliers into manufacturing and design.
A person attending the meeting said Takata urged suppliers to be extra careful in quality management \"because of the environment we are in \".
Takata has 55 factories in 20 countries, 8 of which are located in Japan.
According to the company\'s website, the only factory in Japan that produces airbags is a factory located in Kyushu, southern Japan.
The company\'s manufacturing in Japan is concentrated in Shiga city in western Japan, where Takada has three manufacturing centers, located in Jiangchuan, Haikang city and Changbin, producing seat belts and
Documents reviewed by Reuters showed that Takata had problems in the past in ensuring consistent quality standards for suppliers.
According to an engineering report, on 2006, engineers at the company\'s Monclova plant in Mexico found that the weld on the airbag inflator failed because of the steel pipe carbon shipped from a Japanese supplier
Relevant sources said that at the recent meeting with suppliers, the representative of Takata did not discuss in detail the impact of the ongoing recall.
\"Maybe it\'s a Japanese thing, but they don\'t talk about it, it\'s hard for us to ask,\" one of the long-term
Supplier of Takada.
\"So we learned everything from the media.
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