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solid wood flooring ideal for a cottage

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2020-04-04
Q: Can I install solid wood QinGe bamboo flooring in a cabin that is not heated in winter?
Should I use or avoid certain woods?
Yes, you can install solid wood flooring in a cabin without heating.
In fact, the lack of heat in winter is actually a benefit of solid wood.
Dry wood is heated in winter, causing pressure, gaps and cracks.
No heat means the risk of ugly surprises is reduced.
How beautiful is your cabin?
You can use any regular flooring wood you like, but the casual style can also open up other options.
I have never seen anything expensive.
3 pine trees used as the floor of the cottage.
All the knots and swirls look great.
I used No too. 2-grade 1-by-
6 when I build my own place, the white pine QinGe bamboo flooring with tongue and groove works well.
Pine trees are soft, but as long as you don\'t mind the dent development over time, it\'s not a deal breaker.
The only traditional wood I would not use for the floor is Cedar.
It is softer than the pine tree and easily damaged in my book.
Bathroom ground floor prep q: How should I prepare the bathroom ground floor before installing snap
Vinyl tiles together?
My plan is to increase 3/8.
Inch plywood on the sheet-
Already on the ground floor of the inch there.
The existing bottom layer has gaps between the seam and a lot of old glue, but not thick.
Also, a seam on the edge of a floor is an inch higher than the surrounding floor, but I plan to polish it down.
Can the new plywood cover up all the sins?
Yes, a lot of problems can be solved with the new plywood.
Your plan is good and I can give some advice on getting the best results.
First of all, try to use your hands
Electric planing bed for removing high seams instead of sanding machines.
The belt sander can do the job, but it is much slower and darker than the planing machine.
Either way, you will need to drive the nails or screws below the surface before starting.
Get the old ground floor apartment in a few millimeters or 1/16-
Just an inch.
As long as the old glue on the floor is only about millimeters high, it doesn\'t matter.
The pointed shovel can effectively scrape off anything higher.
When you drop the new plywood, fix it using screws and construction glue.
This is essential for squeak. free results.
Aim the screws every 6 to 8 inch along all the beams. The 3/8-inch-
The thick plywood you will be adding will easily span small gaps and cracks on the old floor, so don\'t worry.
One more thing: rigidity, click
The floor depends largely on a very flat ground floor.
The vinyl you put down may be flexible, but if not, check the manufacturer\'s specifications to see the maximum plate or Crown allowed in the prepared ground floor.
Insulation around EndsQ, basement pallet: Can I replace paper with normal insulation strips?
Back liner used between the ends of the floor support beam, they meet the exterior wall in the basement?
The truth is, neither paper.
Where the basement support beams intersect the exterior wall, the back-to-back or ordinary insulation board is ideal.
Although your situation is typical, it is a wide range
Spread the problem among many Canadian families.
Any insulating material that allows air to pass requires a steam barrier on the warm side of the insulating material.
This prevents warm, humid indoor air from penetrating into the insulation during winter.
If it is not actively preventing the dynamics of this air penetration, when the indoor air goes to the outer wall, it cools inside the insulation layer.
Eventually, when it cools enough, liquid water will condense, causing the liquid to condense inside the insulation layer or on the edge of the wood floor frame.
The problem around the basement floor pallet is that it is actually impossible to seal effectively.
The floor support beam makes it impractical.
This is why the best insulation option at the end of the basement floor pallet is the foam that does not allow air to pass through.
Spray Polyurethane Foam is ideal.
You can also use rigid, 2-inch-
Thick extruded polystyrene foam with fully sealed edges to prevent air penetration.
No matter what you do, don\'t use white, expanded polystyrene foam here.
It itself does not penetrate enough into the air, so even if the edges are sealed, condensation will develop behind it.
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