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slate kitchen flooring is a perfect choice for many modern families

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2020-03-22
The slate kitchen floor is a natural stone with a variety of shapes, colors and styles to choose from and can be seamlessly integrated with most of the decor.
The slate is the perfect material for the kitchen for many reasons, including its durability and natural non-slip properties compared to many other materials on the market today.
In addition, it also resists moisture and stains when properly sealed, including every year, which is another huge advantage in the kitchen area.
The most common colors of the slate stone kitchen floor are black and white, but it also has many other colors that can match almost any style you want in the kitchen.
If you want to get a truly unique look, you can create one by mixing different colors and different shapes and sizes-of-a-kind floor.
Another great benefit is the ability to match the floor to the countertop of the kitchen, which will help to mix the whole room together and achieve a very uniform look.
If you live in a cold climate, the slate is a perfect choice for kitchen QinGe bamboo flooring as it is ideal for families with radiant heating systems.
Radiant heat warms the tiles and becomes a very comfortable material during the cold winter months.
The slate floor is the soft side of the Stone family, good or bad.
Good because joints and body will be a little easier if you fall (
Plates and anything fragile will still break if dropped).
The downside is that it is more likely to dent than granite, but it is still very durableday use. Pros:-
Anti-skid and stain resistance (
When properly sealed)-
Easy to match with any decor and blend well with many of today\'s popular countertop materials --
Very durable and able to withstand a tough dayto-day useCons:-
Most are sealed every year to maintain its appearance as well as the benefits of stains and sliding
In terms of cost, the more expensive side of the floor selection is the slate kitchen floor, which is more expensive, from $14
$35 per square foot
Like other types of stone QinGe bamboo flooring, slabs are not a practiceit-
Unless you are a very experienced handyman and have some experience working with stones, your own project.
In addition to the cost of the material itself, about $5 has been added
Installation costs $7 per square foot.
If you can pass the cost of the slate floor, it does offer many benefits, and its beautiful look will last for decades if properly taken care.
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