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Single jersey work gloves-an indispensable helper in the work of staff

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2021-03-18
The jersey gloves labor gloves are a kind of cotton labor gloves. Because they are made of sweat cloth, they are usually called jersey cotton gloves separately. The jersey gloves have a smooth surface, clear texture, fine texture, and smooth hand feeling because of the material. , The horizontal extensibility is better, and the horizontal extensibility is greater than the longitudinal extensibility. With good moisture absorption and air permeability, it is especially favored by operators and quality control personnel in electronics, plastics, machinery hardware, furniture factories, electronics, electronic assembly, general assembly, handling, gardening, electroplating, plastics, etc., and many other industries. Single jersey gloves refer to the weft jersey fabric used to make underwear. The cloth surface is smooth, the texture is clear, the texture is fine, the hand feels smooth, the vertical and horizontal stretches are better, and the horizontal stretch is greater than the vertical stretch, moisture absorption and air permeability Preferably, it is used to make various styles of singlets, vests, gloves, etc. Common jerseys include bleached jersey, extra-white jersey, fine bleached jersey, singeed mercerized jersey; according to the dyeing and finishing process, there are plain jersey, printed jersey, navy striped jersey; according to the raw materials used Different types include blended jersey, silk jersey, acrylic jersey, polyester jersey, ramie jersey, etc. Characteristics of jersey gloves: such as weft jersey for making underwear. The dry weight per square meter is usually 80-120g/cm. The cloth has bright surface, clear texture, fine texture, smooth hand feeling, good vertical and horizontal extensibility, and the horizontal extensibility is greater than the vertical extensibility. It has good moisture absorption and air permeability, but it has dispersibility and curling properties, and sometimes produces the appearance of coil tilt. When the cotton bedding is put aside, put it in a ventilated place, and put a few mothballs in it to prevent the insects from creeping and have the effect of repelling insects.
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