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Shandong Baicheng Work Gloves Company Recruits Sewing Workers

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2021-03-16
Shanghai Baicheng Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located at the foot of the beautiful Mount Tai, with beautiful scenery and outstanding people. Due to the expansion of our business, our company recruits workers first. Skilled and excellent workers are hired first. We usually produce labor gloves, cotton wool gloves, jersey gloves, threaded gloves, cotton yarn gloves, jersey masks and other knitted products. The production of working gloves must be purely manual, and large quantities of manual labor can meet our current needs. Workshop sewing worker, Changbai class, salary piece rate. If you are local, you can also sew in your own home. The machine and the glove fabric are all made by us. Let's talk about the wage issue below. Our factory guarantees to pay wages on time every month. Baicheng is looking forward to calling and discussing. . 13954870080 labor gloves
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