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Several reasons for the edge collapse of veneer plywood_shanghai chuangji plywood brand manufacturer

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2021-03-05
1. Correct construction: In order to improve the scratch resistance effect of Wood panel product after veneer, the surface hardness of the veneer is very high. Therefore, the upper and lower saw blades need to work at the same time when sawing, and the upper and lower saw blades should correspond to a straight line. The saw blade should be installed in a correct manner and must not have an inclination. The saw blade should be updated in time to prevent the use of too long, which may cause the saw teeth to become dull and cause chipping.

During the maintenance and restoration period, Wood panel products use high-temperature hot pressing during the veneer operation. After the veneer, the temperature of the board is very high. At this time, the high temperature will reduce the physical properties of the board, so maintenance is required. The method is to stack the veneer products evenly, the upper and lower forces are evenly applied, and the sawing application can be carried out after the board is sufficiently radiated and cooled. This will greatly benefit the veneer to reduce the phenomenon of chipping and deformation.

Second, the reason for the veneer: the temperature is too high during the hot pressing, the time is short, and the adhesion of the veneer paper to the board is not good.

The storage time of the decorative paper is too long, the glue has been solidified or the amount of glue used in the dipping process is not enough, resulting in weak bonding between the decorative paper and the board surface during pressing, and edge chipping during sawing.

3. The reason for the material of the Wood panel product itself: the surface bonding strength of the Wood panel product is not enough, the thickness of the slab supplemented by the board is not enough, the surface solidified layer is not sanded when the thickness is sanded; the thickness deviation of the slab is large, and the thickness is fixed. During sanding, there is a phenomenon of local sand leakage; correspondingly, the sand is too harsh in some places, the fine surface layer has been sanded through, and a coarse particle core layer appears, which has no effect on the veneer, and there will be edge chipping during sawing.

Wood panel product The fine surface material is too thick and the board surface hardness is too high, which may cause chipping during sawing.

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