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by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2021-03-05
The decorative paper and melamine solution on the surface of Wood panel product custom veneer can reduce the formaldehyde release of the internal substrate and prevent secondary pollution. Therefore, Wood panel product veneer is popular among consumers. When purchasing veneer wood panel products, you will find that some of the veneer wood panel products of poor quality will crack or even fall off after using for a period of time. What are the reasons? Shanghai Qin Ge summarized the following situations for reference:

1. The glue (face glue) has poor plasticity and may be a plasticizer;

2. Over-curing after pressing. From the paper: the pre-curing degree of the impregnated paper is too high. From the pressing process: the temperature is too high or the time is too long (you can consider appropriately reducing it under the existing process conditions Temperature or shortened time);

3. Over-curing in the process of stacking, because the temperature of the newly pressed plates is still very high, if the newly-outed plates are piled together without cooling, it will be a long time (a few days) afterwards. Maintain a higher temperature, and at a higher temperature, the surface of the board will continue to solidify, and the surface of the board will crack after the curing transition;

4. The density of the substrate is extremely poor, causing the board surface to crack after being deformed during transportation.

In summary, most of the causes of cracks and even shedding of veneer wood panel products are caused during production. Therefore, professional wood panel product veneer manufacturers can greatly reduce the cracks and shedding of wood panel product veneers.

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