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screw machine shops - common misconceptions

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2020-03-02
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Don\'t be fooled into thinking that the machine store can\'t compete for small threaded parts with the spiral machine store.
The quantity you need determines which store is best for your needs.
The installation time required for a screw machine is usually longer than the time required for a gang tool or turret lathe. Cost -
The set cost is amortized in the number of parts you need.
For most machine stores, you can expect the installation cost to be between $35 and $250.
For older machines, the installation cost of a spiral machine can take up to 12 hours.
$110 an hour for shopping.
You will pay a high price for some settings.
For buyers who send a request for a quote to a production machine store rather than a dedicated spiral machine store company, low volume, 10 to 20,000 pieces are generally more economical. Volume -
For more than 35,000 pieces
The spindle screw machine is more competitive.
However, it may also be deceptive.
For example, consider the fixed cost of the screw machine workshop using the updated equipment.
Up to $300,000 per new machine.
Shopping costs up to $150 an hour.
On the other hand, consider small shops that use simple machines, such as gang tool types.
The cost of the machine can be as low as $30,000.
Used machines with relatively good quality are available for only $12,000.
In the US, the unattended store price for this type of store can be as low as $10/hour.
So, where is the advantage of running state? of-the-art multi-
Compared to running 6 single spindle machines on the same part, the spindle of thousands of parts is usually king.
Finding the right store type for your part type is more important than trying to decide which type of machine runs your parts most cost-effectively.
Where is the machine shop-
Try to post your work on the manufacturer platform where suppliers and buyers can post and bid for manufacturing work.
Another option is to search for directories and lists and try to contact the manufacturer separately, although this can be time consuming. Machine Types -
There are two basic types of screw machines, single-
Spindle and multispindle.
Single spindle, usually Swiss type, with fast speed and wide use. Multi-
The spindle is processed between different spindles.
In other words, when each part goes through a cutting or forming operation set at a different spindle position, they move from one spindle to the next.
Once the part accesses each location, it is separated and the cycle starts again.
In theory, a 6-axis machine can be 6 times faster than a single spindle screw machine. Newer multi-
The spindle is CNC controlled and is much simpler to set up compared to the old Cam type.
Even so, build more
For newbies, there is no task for the spindle.
It\'s much harder to set in an order of magnitude. spindle.
Remember, more
The spindle machine is far less flexible than the single spindle screw machine.
Part of the simplicity and volume determine which machine type is best for you. Quality -
A common mistake in purchasing small screw parts is to look for the highest quality stores.
It is politically incorrect to say that quality costs money.
But it does, and it is costly.
If your part tolerances are open, most of them, the quality issues you need to focus on can be as simple as asking your supplier to sample the part and submit the data each time the part is shipped.
Why more quality than you need.
As unmanned processing is becoming more and more popular, the inspection of unmanned processing has not kept up with the pace.
As a result, the cost of overchecking items is high, which are designed to give most buyers a false sense of security about the quality of their parts. Materials -
Without the design of raw materials that allow long periods of unmanned operation, the spiral machinery store is impossible to exist.
The obvious material that is most suitable for spiral machinery is free cutting brass, aluminum spiral mechanical material (2011)
Easy cutting steel (
12L14 or 11XX)
Model: 303 stainless steel.
While other materials can be used, these are the pillars of the Screw Machine material list.
The correct selection of materials is essential to maintain low manufacturing costs.
It is very common for customers to require 304 stainless steel for very precise parts, which is almost impossible.
Don\'t be afraid to talk to your processing supplier about the relative cost from material grade to grade.
He usually knows them better than design engineers who don\'t handle them any day --to-day basis.
Of course, the design engineer has to ask for some part properties, but usually some materials with do are required.
Once the design requirements are met, don\'t be afraid to explore options for easy-to-process materials.
This is a powerful component of your final part price.
Request for quotation-
Most buyers rely on a small number of local shops located within driving distance.
This may be an expensive way to do business.
UPS and FedEx cover the United States within 5 working days, the power of the Internet covers every store in the country, why limit your search? There are several online locations that can help you find the lowest prices to meet your quality needs.
One of the latest sites is that the service is free and contains a rating system to instill the trust you need into your newly discovered suppliers.
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